Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Vintage Copper in my kitchen

Copper is trending again in kitchen design, and after seeing it in some of my favorite designer's kitchens, it ignited a desire to start collecting copper cookware and accents for my kitchen.  Green accents like the French enamel canister set and buffalo check curtains and tole tray won't be going anywhere, instead I planned to mix in some warm pretty copper pieces to give it a fresh look.
Mr. Maison Decor and I took a trip to Ontario, Canada to visit some friends, and it was
there that I was able to get a bunch of old copper pieces when visiting an antique market.
The handled piece on the island holds a pot of flowers from the supermarket and I can imagine just changing this out as the blooms fade.  Maybe some pansies in spring, and then some herbs in the summer.  I made room for a shelf full of copper, hanging up the copper mules I already had from last year, with some smaller pans, a cute tiny berry colander  with brass feet and a cheese grater with brass handle.
Some copper scoops were found at an online auction in a mixed lot set of vintage copper.  
The teapot by the window was found in Canada and hails from Denmark.
This pretty teapot sits on its owning warming station, that holds coals to keep the teapot warm.  
It had a lot of lovely handmade details and was the last piece I spotted in the antique market.
Lots of molds were to be found, and I walked away with quite a few,
including the heart shaped mold that has a pair of swans.  
 Swans mate for life, and I think its a fitting design for a heart mold, 
especially appropriate today on Valentines Day.
There is a load of copper that I still have yet to hang up or figure out what to do with,  but I imagine a wall rack to go over this kitchen sideboard where I keep my new copper Kitchen Aid Mixer.  Believe it or not, I have never owned a big mixer like this, and I have to say I am loving everything about it!  I made a birthday cake and a pumpkin pie, and it was so much nicer than using a hand mixer.
It might take a little time to display it in the way that I want to, but I will be sure to share when I do.
A copper colander just like I had in the 80s and some copper measuring cups were just part of the vintage copper group I found on the EBTH website.  
See the old English copper clock in the mirror's  reflection? 
 That was found on the website Chairish, another new to me online auction site.  
Made in England, this vintage clock has a simple school house look, just perfect for a kitchen.....
a french country kitchen with copper accents.  

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  1. Loving the copper Amy! I have been incorporating copper in my home for the last couple of years.

  2. Love how it all looks!! Love your green jug filled with utensils too!!
    Happy Valentines to both you and Mr. Maison Decor!!!

  3. What great finds Amy! The copper looks so gorgeous in your kitchen! I so remember saving my pennies to buy the copper bottom Revere Ware pots and pans when I was first married...I think I may still have them somewhere! So love that copper is making a great is such a classic!....

  4. Love your collection. The tea pot with the warmer is a beauty. I love the green pitcher on the side board with the mixer. Enjoy finding places for your pieces.


  5. The copper looks great in your Kitchen! I had some back in the 80s , got rid of it in late 90s, and now regretting it. But, one of our local vintage shops just showed a ton of pieces on their FB page. Guess whee I'm Going?


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