Friday, March 16, 2018

Gilt Louis XVI Music Chairs

Lovely old gilded French chairs. I have a weakness for them. 
 When I saw this sweet pair at an estate sale auction, 
I couldn't resist scooping them up.
Where they will end up in my house, I am not sure of yet, 
but I generally just buy things I love and they find a place somewhere.  
The details of the chairs just were so unusual with a backsplat depicting a violin and a cornucopia.  All the details are hand carved, and you can see the inconsistency that hand carved
 pieces have, when you look closely at the beaded details and other carved elements.
The chairs are so darling, and seem sturdy enough to sit on, 
but because of their age and diminutive size, 
I will use them as ornamentation rather that extra seating.  
In the meantime we are all suffering from cabin fever with the snow covering the ground after a blizzard dumped 18" on us in Boston.  Ugh.  I have a fierce desire to rearrange all the furniture in this room, and it happens every year when I can't stand the winter for much longer.
I know the dogs feel the same way. 
 Piper loves to pose for the camera, however Colby does not. 
 Many ask where is Colby?  Here he is, he gave me three seconds to snap the photo 
and then wandered off while Piper maintained her pose. 
 Colby was wondering why did I pull away the dog bed from the fireplace. 
 To take pics of course! I don't remember seeing the hearth since
 last fall as its been covered with a big old dog bed.
An Easter basket for Reeve sits on the music chair.
 Maybe after Easter, Spring will finally arrive!
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  1. Those are gorgeous. I am glad to see that the gold isn't too much. I have some antique chairs that need love--just too much brown going on--and I've been thinking of white or lime, but gold like this looks good, too.

  2. Haven't been by in a while, but I can see I need to read some back posts to see if you have a grandchild since the Easter basket for Reeves is part of the decor.

  3. As per usual, I love to see what you have been doing and creating. I think we are about the same age and have the same interests, but you have way more energy than I. And, I don't get to hang around with Matthew Mead. I LOVE that Easter Basket! Did you make it. I know what you mean about all that snow, but Spring will be here soon. After least that is what I tell myself.


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