Sketch Consignments

Sketches of rooms or homes are offered at $135 for an 8x11 on sketch paper.
Sketches are done with a fine tip ink pen and colored pencil.
Price includes delivery within the US. 
Send a picture via email and I will sketch your room.
Fantasy embellishments, such as iron fences, window boxes, trees and flowers,
birdhouses, brick walks etc  are able to be added to your sketch upon request.

My Living Room October 2010

Yellow Curtains from a magazine pic inspired this sketch

My Side Porch with fantasy touches

Claire's Chicken Coop with fantasy touches

Inspiration Room in Peach done for HGTV audition

My Imaginary Garden Shed

A Grand home fantasy drawing based on my home (below)

Giveaway winner Maryann's Australia Home

Sketch of Kat's house above
Kats house in real life below

Sketch of Nita's home from Mod Vintage Life blog
Featured in Muses magazine