Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Celebrating in our homes this Christmas

Well its already December! I've been busy with family life during these COVID times.  
I think its more important than ever to try to make our homes a refuge as well as a place
of family fun and celebration.  The facts of the virus cannot be ignored, and staying healthy is 
at the top of my list. So how about making our homes more cheery and take an extra step to 
make things feel more special?  Sometimes it feels a bit depressing not to spend time with 
others or eating out at our favorite places with friends, so lets make home life more special.
A big antique blue transfer-ware platter sits on my island holding holiday snacks.
 The college kids, Scott and Kai, love to grab and snack, as does hubs.
This is an easy way to add grab and go things your family enjoys.
Tiny oranges, nuts, candies, and homemade cookies are some of the revolving treats. 
A cute Rosemary Christmas tree from Whole Foods adds a bit of Christmas magic.
Adding greenery, ribbon and baubles to your everyday surfaces makes for a festive feeling!
The tiny french clock with its blue and white flowers looks extra special nestled in the greenery.
In our living room there isn't a lot of room for a Christmas tree, so I used a faux
Nordic tree I had last year and put it in the corner, covered in antique multi colored bulbs.
 A tinsel tree with tiny mercury bulbs in green and blue is on the antique center table.  
Our decorated mantel in blues and greens goes with the color palette in this room.
I know I skipped right over Thanksgiving....
here I am putting it all away with the help of Sylvia.
The week before, I had taken a Covid test and upon getting results, I drove up
to Maine to see my greandchildren.
They are getting bigger every minute, and Reeve couldn't be a more loving big sister
to Harry, who is always smiling it seems.
We always pick up right where we left off, and it comforts me to know, 
she loves me as much as I do her! This grandmother gig is a fabulous thing!
Living in rural Maine is proving to be ideal for my son's family, 
where they are learning to run a farm together while they raise their kids.  
We enjoyed the outdoors and collected pine cones while Harry conked out from the fresh air.
I always have an arts and crafts idea when I visit Reeve, and creating a pine cone garland
was this visit's adventure.  After collecting them we spray painted them with gold paint and 
then glued them onto a peppermint stripe butcher twine to hang in their windows.
A few days pass quickly, and soon I was off in my Jeep headed back
 to Massachusetts to prepare for Thanksgiving at home.
We celebrated with two of our sons, one college roomie, 
one fiance, one brother and one mother in law....we all got tested the week before the dinner, 
and wore masks (except while dining), and social distanced as best we could, 
keeping our windows open to make this is safe as we possibly could. 
An idea of making it extra special despite the small gathering 
inspired me because of these trying times.
 I decided to hunt down antique turkey plates for the big meal, and was 
lucky in finding a set of 7 dinner plates from a man whose father ran a turkey farm 
decades ago.  This man, now in his 80s, was selling off things, so I felt especially
lucky to get them. Each of us had a different antique transferware turkey plate.
After Thanksgiving the boys were in the spirit and we all got going hanging
lights and getting little trees put up around the house.
Hoping you all stay safe and find ways to get through these difficult
and isolating times.  Add a little extra effort in your decorating and I think it will be 
appreciated by others, and soothing to yourselves.
After the Nordic tree was decorated, I spotted the boys wearing 
their Santa flannel pjs in the living room admiring the tree. 
I can't tell you how cute that moment was!
So, in the works for our Christmas at home, 
we plan on having a Christmas PJ and movie night,
along with a tree trimming party for four in our family room! 
Make your holiday plans with
the ones at home, and make it memorable!


  1. Amy, your home is so beautifully decorated for Christmas. I so love reading about your family traditions and how they are carried those PJ’s! So happy for your family in Maine. What a joy it must be to visit them. Have a most beautiful day Amy!

    1. It really is, the best of times when I get to go to Maine! Happy Holidays to you and Tom!

  2. Such a nice post! I agree, make it special and go that extra mile to decorate, bake, send greetings… Amy your home is so inviting and I am sure whomever is there will feel most cozy.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Merry Christmas Onnery, to you and yours! Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my post!


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