Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our New Reading Store! Take a tour~

 Welcome to our new Maison Decor store 
Reading, Massachusetts at 150 Main Street!
 We officially open for first day of business Monday July 15th.  
We will still be tweaking and adding items all week long~but here is how
 far we have come in the two weeks since we got the keys. 
We created a European village vibe by painting the floors to look
 like cobblestones, and the walls to look like plaster. 
Of course we used Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan~more in depth tutorials 
will come in the next month or so, but for now its a quick look at 150 Main. 
We made a special section in the back area for our famous WORKSHOPS!
 I am truly excited about this area~drapery panels set the section off, 
and you can walk inside and check out the paint samples and 
wall chart colors. This area will be added to in the coming weeks.
 The main floor is a retail zone where we sell home furnishings 
and accessories in both antique and reproduction varieties. 
One thing we are waiting on is our sign to be installed, at this point the old
liquor store sign is still above the store front! 
Our new sign will look like this~dark aqua on a black background.
But until then look for the liquor store that sells Chalk Paint!! lol

 Scroll through the next few pics to see what we have added so far~
 Home decor books and accessories~
 Vintage mirrors galore~
 Hand painted furnishings~
 Wonderful fabrics~
 Vintage accessories and antiques as well as reproductions!
 We love how it feels in the shop!
 Painting the floors, ceilings and walls made 
for such an enchanted space. 
But it didn't get this way took 12 of them in fact!
 You can see Colin carrying in some table legs 
and the wall behind him is still builder white.
 In this shot Justin is entering carrying a chandelier and 
the wall is now ragged with Chalk Paint® in Country Grey and Paris Grey. 
Its soft and beautiful and everything looks good in front of it. 
 Couldn't pass up this chance to snap them with two antique chandeliers!
 Bringing in the bigger pieces of furniture after the painting
 had finished was the first part of setting up the shop.
 Boxes were everywhere.  We worked well together as a team 
and after many hours and truckloads it would come together.
Here you can see the difference the ragged walls make in the space!
Lots of lugging in of items and props from Colin's red truck.  
The vanity in the front would be painted soon~and the walls would be 
ragged and the draperies sewn and hung.
 It was finally time to open our doors~we still don't have a sign yet though.
 So look for us under the old liquor store sign!!!! 
OMG that is the worst part for me...having no sign, 
but they are working quickly to get it finished.
We took this basic blah store from this....
To this!
 We are located in the Laschi plaza next to 
Harrows Chicken Pies and Calareso's Farm Stand
at 150 Main Street.
We are open Monday- Friday 10-6
Saturday 11-4 and Sunday 11-3
Colin, Justin and I will be there Monday morning~and all week long! 
Looking forward to doing more with our shop as each day allows, 
but for now we would love to see you!!
shop online and register for WORKSHOPS



  1. What a great looking store!! It could be a set for a Nora Ephron movie it's so cute. Much success! Wish I lived closer!

  2. It's beautiful Amy. Your hard work's end result is amazing!

  3. all looks freaking FABULOUS!!!!!

    You must be so proud of you, your family and all your hard will pay off my friend.

    I wish you all the go sell some paint!!!!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  4. It looks awesome, Amy. I know you'll do well.

  5. I love the look! I think you may have started a painted floor trend. I just might drive the 175 miles from my house just to visit. Good luck. Ann

  6. Freaking magic wands your hands are I tell you! wow! how I love to see these come together and you have help! that's the best part wonderful for you. The shop looks amazing! love it!

  7. It looks fantastic Amy! I'm sure you will do well! take care, Maryann

  8. The store looks fantastic! I love your sons lettering on the back wall. The floors are awesome. Those chandeliers are just beautiful. I hope the store is a great success--I am sure it will be!

  9. Wow! I'm so impressed. Awww I envy that your children live close by and work with you. That makes it the greatest success.

  10. Incredible how fast you pulled the store together and it looks fabulous! I wish you the best of luck in your new location and if I lived close enough, I would probably buy you out on your opening day!

  11. Such a stylish and creative place, good luck with the shop! I especially like the street look of indoor floors.

  12. Love the vibe of this store. You guys are amazing how quickly you can get a store up and running. I love those chandi's too! I'll be looking forward to updates on how things go at this new location.

  13. Forgot to say that I really love your new business cards too! Nice blend of your store and the Annie Sloane logo.

  14. That looks great, your hard work has definitely paid off, and I love the "cobbles".

  15. Congratulations Amy!! It looks amazing- especially the cobblestone floors! Will be over to visit soon, and have already alerted my friends from Reading about your new store. And remember, once you sell out your inventory, I have loads more to choose from-lol!

  16. Looks fabulous! You had such a great vision for the space-stunning! What's the storefront look like??

  17. Congratulations! It looks simply charming. What a powerhouse family business it has grown in to. Best, Beth C.

  18. Wow, Amy, the faux painting looks gorgeous. You are so lucky to have sons with a talent for painting and decorating to help you. Thanks for sharing. Paula

  19. How beautiful Amy...congrats again...I am so enjoying seeing your success..I wish you the best in your new store!...and love the floor!

  20. So amazing! Great transformation.

  21. Great new shop. I love the European vibe you have given it. You took the space from drab to fab.

  22. It is wonderful but oh all that hard work and it seems like you just got the other store completed

    the liquor sign is real cute LOL

    that would sell at any flea market

  23. I absolutely LOVE that FLOOR!! I want to do this on my wall in the kitchen. Hope Hubby loves it. I'd like to do an old world kitchen look and feel perhaps with a rip in the wall like Thanks for all the photos I'd love to see a few of just the floor and how you selected which to shade in and what they look like I'm trying to widen out the photo on my tablet . Congrats on a beautiful job done.


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