Monday, November 11, 2013

Rustic French Home Accents in the shop

When we last left I was showing you the new Iron Orb Chandeliers 
we just received.  We ordered two of them to see how they would go over
and guess what? They both SOLD! Apparently others liked them as much as
we did, so we will be getting these back in stock.
Its got a great price point for a fabulous statement chandelier.
Today was really fun because a large fedex truck rolled up and 
inside of it were a bunch of packages for our shop!!
 Do you know how hard it is to find candles that smell good?  I mean really have a nice smell, not a sickening smell after a while where you have to blow it out because its overpowering?  And a candle that burns a long time and doesn't just evaporate and then its a mass of liquid instantly? And a candle that is in a good looking container that fits your style of decor? I am not a fan of the big fat glass jar with a push on glass lid with a picture on the front of it telling you what you are smelling. So I looked 
high and low and finally found a fabulous candle line. Its got a rustic french farmhouse look that I find very appealing with its willow wrapped glass container.  The scents are terrific and I am excited to have finally found this awesome candle line! Right now we have the seasonal scents in stock, and will be adding them to our online shop, so if you are interested and cannot come by the shop, you will still be able to order one from our website.  
 it made the store feel so warm and inviting! 
 I know you will just love these candles!
 Speaking of lovely scents, we also got bunches of dried French Lavender. 
 These tight bundles of sheared lavender look so artful just laid out in a 
basket or on an old silver tray.  Nothing brings to mind
 more the French Country Life than a casual bundle of lavender.
Stacks of the bundles on a silver tray lightly scent the air in the shop.
I used to have rows of lavender in one of the gardens of a house I lived in.
But I did not know that the lavender gets very woody after years and then it 
is not so attractive.  Maybe it because I never harvested it?
  But I have always loved the look of the lavender growing
 in a hedge form and I plan to put some along
our pea gravel walk next spring.  Until then I will 
enjoy these hefty bunches of lavender in the shop.
 Another new item in our shop is the Crossback chair. 
We love these rustic french bistro style chairs. You have probably seen 
them in magazines and even designer Rachel Ashwell uses these chairs.
They look wonderful mixed with painted furniture too,
 imagine a set around a white or black painted dining room table,
maybe paired up with a bench on one side, chairs on the other.
The seats are padded woven cane and are very comfortable.
 I persuaded Colin to pose in the chair to give you a sense of proportion. 
These are decent size side chairs and are sturdily constructed and 
have that rustic french country style we all love.
We are busy working hard getting the store where we want it to be~
its been about almost 5 months now and its starting to look pretty good! 
This gigantic cabinet was the same one we originally used in our Boston store that 
designer Betsy Speert so kindly gave us.  Its been in storage until recently 
when we brought it back to our Reading store.
  The guys just gave it a paint job in Graphite Chalk Paint® and it looks amazing! 
You have to come in and see the shop!!  Word has been spreading around town
 and we have a bunch of new regulars that we love seeing walk through our doors!
Small businesses depend on local customers and we appreciate ours for sure!
 This year we will be offering gift baskets in different sizes for 
the Chalk Paint lover or starter in your family. 
 It makes a nice gift and if its in a pretty container, all the better.  
So we are making up beautiful containers using decoupage and other techniques
and then filling them with Chalk Paint® supplies.  We will have the 
 Ultimate Chalk Paint® basket and the Chalk Paint® Apprentice basket, 
great for anyone starting out.
That is the latest on our shop offerings. 
We continue to grow and try to make this 
shop a place that inspires and helps you make your life more beautiful.

For our readers and far away friends, 
shop for many of our things at
and find the best prices in the USA on 
Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan
right here at Maison Decor, in store and online!
Candles For Sale Here



  1. the store looks fabulous, love the chandys and it has such a cool vibe. wish I could come shop!

  2. Amy the shop looks fabulous. I adore the interesting new chairs and those candles, adore!!

    Feature: "House Proud"

  3. I love the look of those candles. I always try to buy candles that I will want to use the container after the candle is gone. Those are perfect for that. Love how everything those little french chairs. Looks a must shop place for all those with good taste. Love the chalk paint gift basket idea too!

  4. Thanks for letting us window shop from Texas. I want to move in and stay a while.

  5. Darn it! I was coming over today to look at the orb chandelier!! Can you repost when you get them back in stock?!

  6. Amy...Maison Decor is looking so lovely and inviting!
    I WILL see it all in person someday...when you least expect it, I may walk through your door.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  7. YOUR SHOP is awesome !! I love it all and that first picture ….OMGOODNESS LOVE

  8. Love the looks of your shop, just my style. I'm on the West Coast but I see I can shop your shop online. Yipee!

  9. The shop looks amazing, Amy! LOVE the front window! You take care of every little detail.

  10. hi amy! so good to visit your blog and see what you are up to. i love the look of these candles and wish i could smell em through the screen. your shop is looking so charming, and it does make me want to rush out and buy every chandelier i can find even though every room in the house already is outfitted with one.

    best to you!


  11. Everything is so darn gorgeous! I almost got chills knowing and watching and sharing in your growth. I have had such fun watching you go from those very first steps of imagining a shop to owning not one but two of them and look how beautiful they are!!!! The Rustic French look you have achieved is so gorgeous. I bet people are flocking to your store. I must get up there to pay you a visit!

  12. loving those bistro chairs…How much are they….I want them…love your store! Wish you were here in Tampa to teach the painting classes.

  13. Love those bistro chairs…how much are they? I would love to own them…need 6. Wish you lived closer to teach the painting classes.

  14. I wish i could be a regular walking in your shop!!!
    Anyway, i know those candles, a little shop near me carries them and they are wonderful... They have a scent called "Back Porch" that is a perfect summer scent ... and the container goes with everything, i reuse mine all the time for flowers. The shop looks amazing, i can't believe how much you're growing...



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