Sunday, January 5, 2014

Maison Decor New Paint Workshops!

 This might be our Year of the Workshop
at Maison Decor.  After spending the first year and half opening
three stores and getting everything set up, we are ready to roll
out the workshops so many of you have been asking for.
We have taught hundreds, if not thousands the basics on
Annie Sloan's magical paint, but with a twist. Our basic 
Chalk Paint® Introductory Workshop is really more of 
a comprehensive class that takes you from zero to 60 in just 4 hours!
We cover painting techniques, furniture issues, waxing how-to, and add a 
few extras along the way, like gilding.
If you haven't taken a class yet, this is the workshop for you.
 Justin and I sit right next to you and tell all~
hold your hands and then let you fly!
Its an awesome class that will give you the 
confidence you need to go home and do 
something amazing like paint your kitchen cabinets!
 We also have offered a few specialized classes that involve things 
like metallic finishes and transfers.  This time we have added a 
Workshop for Transfers and all things Crackle.  
There are so many cool ways to up your game with decorative painting 
and using crackle and transfers are right up there.
Transfers are pretty tricky business, so unlock the secrets to 
this method as well as discover how many ways there 
are to give a piece of furniture a crackled finish...
there are over 4 methods we will explore.
 Oh it can get messy and it certainly is fun~
don't you just want to dive right in?  
Well have no fear, we will guide you from start to finish 
on these specialty workshops.
As each month comes along more specialty workshops will be added.
 A lot of our students who have already been
 painting and waxing without the benefit of taking a workshop, 
come back for some formal training. 
They are usually the ones who seem to get the
 biggest lightbulb moments during a Maison Decor workshop!
  Our workshops are carefully planned to give you the most education
 and exposure to the things that matter most for great results.

 Are you in need of a wax refresher course?
Many times that may be all that you need, a quickie class
 on how to apply and remove excess wax,
how to buff, when to do all that. Of course we get into the dark wax too.  
Its the thing most are afraid of, but once you get the ropes, 
it can make your projects look simply amazing. 
Check out the dresser above with and without dark wax. 
Enough said, right?
So we offer this fab one hour on your lunch break class. 
 Another great workshop will be a combination of mixing custom colors combined with a personal journal. We will be giving every student an Annie Sloan WORKBOOK for the workshop and take home where it can serve as a decorating and paint diary. Color Recipes is Annie's latest book so we will be mixing up custom colors, adding them to our WORKBOOKs and also creating the color wheel using every Chalk Paint® color. It will be all out on the workshop table for students to mix and create while learning basic color theory.  If you already own a WORKBOOK you can bring yours to the class and we will substitute the new Annie Sloan Color Recipes book as the WORKBOOK is included in the class. See my WORKBOOK above? I draw sketches of things I want to paint and attach snippets of fabrics and paint swatches with little notes.  Create a home decor file and reference guide based on all the things you love with your color palette.  
Annie's amazing WORKBOOK
One of my students, Suzanne, did a marvelous job on this page
in her WORKBOOK.  She mixed many combinations and labeled 
her recipes next to the color swatches. Nice job! 
We will use recipes Annie talks about in her book,
as well wing it and create whatever colors we want to make!
Since all the Chalk Paint® colors will be on the table you 
will have a chance to make a full color wheel in 
your WORKBOOK for future reference.
So look for these and more WORKSHOPS from Maison Decor in 2014!
Click on the WORKSHOP logo to go to our 
online registration for more information and signup.
Don't forget that Maison Decor sells Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan
online at the lowest prices available in the USA.


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  1. Amy -- wouldn't it be fun to take a class from you! These all sound great but alas, a wee bit to far away for this Chicago gal. Hope 2014 is wonderful for you and yours!


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