Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dreams Come True: Create a French Bed with Efex

Sleeping Beauty
 Stunning antique French bed!   
Well....its really a vintage bed that has been recreated by
 Victoria bought this shapely vintage bed that had some 
of the carved details she craved, but she wanted more...much more! 
 Victoria has created some amazing things for her home using her 
imagination and when I found her blog I was excited 
to sponsor her in recreating her bed.
She designed her ideal French bed by visiting my online shop
for Efex latex moldings and planned out what she needed.
We shipped it off to her, and this is what it looked like when
she pulled it out of the box. Not very impressive in baggies, right?
But just you wait!
Victoria painted her moldings first using Paris Grey Chalk Paint
 After that she applied them with painters tape on the bed frame
 to see what position she wanted.  Looks pretty amazing at this point!
Then she applied the contact cement to both the furniture and the 
back of the moldings and waited 20 minutes.  
After the timer went off, she simply pressed them 
into place and painted any areas of exposed glue.  
You can also apply them all first, then paint~its your choice.
Sweet dreams from a fancy French bed! 
One last look at this sleeping beauty.  
Visit Victoria's blog, Trois Petites Filles for this and other 
beautiful and inspiring projects.  
And don't think you need an elaborate project to use Efex appliques!
Before, a rustic barn red color with no embellishments....
After~ still rustic but done in a pretty antiqued pale blue with a 
french accent from our Efex line makes for a very easy DIY project.
 You might remember that I just did a makeover on my mantel using Efex.  
Apparently HomeGoods liked it too! 



  1. Wow! That is one of the most beautiful beds that I have ever seen. Those appliques look incredible! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  2. I already follow Victoria's blog. What an amazing job she did.

  3. AMAZING makeover...wow---who knew you could do that with those moldings? Fantastic.

    Congrats on being featured by Home Goods!! xo Diana

  4. I saw this on Victoria's blog earlier today and literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor! It's amazing!

  5. Victoria is so very talented. I don't think she even realizes the depths of her own awesomeness!



  6. I love what she did with that bed! I never would've thought to add those moldings to it like that. What a great transformation.

  7. Oh gosh that bed turned out magnificent, goes to show what one can do with appliqués and a vision in mind..


  8. No Way!!! That is amazing. It looks like a million dollar french bed, it's gorgeous! Ya'll did a great job planning it all out, and i love the paint techniques she used on it. Wow!


  9. That bed is absolutely gorgeous! I must find a project to use these embellishments on! It looks very expensive!

  10. Hi Amy,
    And yes I follow Victoria, and we have had email conversations as well. She is a doll and a power house in creating her Paris apartment look to her collecting. Your embellishments made that bed, and I now could have used your pieces on my theatres, I am so going to keep your product line in mind, I am in love with this product and it looks fabulous on her bed of perfectness!



  11. so gorgeous, hard to believe this amazing "French" bed could be created with moldings!

  12. wowwwwww! this is weddingcakelovely if i have ever seen it! gorgeous work, amy.


  13. Wow!!! You are really thinking outside of the box! You motivate me!

  14. That is the dreamiest bed I've ever seen, Amy! She did an amazing job transforming it! Wow! Had to pin it!

    xoxo laurie

  15. OMG! That bed is so gorgeous! It's amazing what can be done with your moldings. Congrats to Victoria on a job well done!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  16. What an amazing transformation!

  17. What a gorgeous makeover. The bed had great bones to begin with, but now it's even more beautiful. Those moldings are fabulous.

  18. I cannot get over how gorgeous the bed is…stunning!

  19. Hi Amy! Popping over from Tina's:) I've worked with Annie S. paint and really like it. I could use one of your classes though as I'm not very artistic. I've used the paint to give life to old pieces and I've also used the Graphite on picture frames and created a distressed look that I really like. My blog address has changed and you fell off my blog roll. I'll make sure I get you back up! It's impressive to see how your business has grown! xxleslie

  20. That bed is a show stopper, the moldings are just gorgeous


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