Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Revamping

 This is my favorite home decor magazine, but it only comes out a few times
each year.  Sometimes they will put a different cover on it and say it is republished
due to popular demand, so make sure you don't get a re-issue of a mag you already
purchased. This one is a new one and I loved every page!! It gives me clarity and 
inspiration when I am redecorating my home or shop.  There are about 7 or 8 homes
featured and they all had some beautiful rooms!  With fall arriving so suddenly,
(it felt that way to me), I had to think of our shop and getting in the fall mood.
So here are a few pics of a shop revamp we did, all in one day!!
 This pic below shows the store awhile back, and you can see the paint shelf 
on the left.  When you walk in our shop we have this wall in the middle which
separates the shop into two sides.  After the revamp, the paint went to the 
opposite side of the store for a fresh new look. Check it out.
Center wall as you enter. We like to do little home vignettes here,
A pretty antique mirror over a chest, or something like this settee makes
a nice statement upon entering the shop.
The left wall had the big paint cabinet and a stencil display rack that
ended up being kind of a pain in the butt.  It wasn't easy to see what the 
stencils were as they were layered on top of one another.  So that needed
to get changed in addition to just moving stuff around.
 We moved the paint to the right rear corner and check out what we did with the stencils.
 The new paint display is in the back, and to the right is a wall full of stencils
 hanging from three rods for easier viewing.  A big color chart is on the wall, 
and plenty of painted decorative samples are displayed in the 
wire planter to inspire people who are selecting their paints and finishes.
Our original antique mora stands guard next to the Chalk Paint color display.
She is for sale at a very good price too~so if you want an original, compare 
before you buy! Check our Antique Mora out online at
 Other vignettes took shape as the furniture was moved around.  Its just like when you 
decorate at home and you get an idea to try things~you have to wing it to a certain
extent.  Sometimes things look great, and other times its a bust.  
 A dining room table that is 5 feet wide with six chairs is the foundation 
of the corner now where the stencils and paint used to be.  
I was inspired by the Country French magazine to create the 
look I love using what we had.  Do you ever shop your house for things
 to give it a fresh new look?  Its an easy way to fall in love all over
 with the things you have by placing them in a new area
and switching out your accessories, and just adding one or two new items.
 And if you are in the market for a great dining room set for the holidays,
 this one is hard to resist at $849 for the table and chairs. 
It has an impressive center pedestal base and the entire set is solid as a rock. 
 I had planned to paint it, but the labor required had
 me thinking I would try selling it as is instead.
You know I have fondess for antique chandeliers,
 and this one screams old world Europe to me.
Its blackish rust finish with highlights of venetian gold 
and shimmering crystals are all original.  It also has a pair of chic metal tassels 
that adorn the bottom and the center of the chandelier. 
 Original wiring would dictate having
 your electrician go over it before you hang it. 
Its just been added to the online
shop.  Another antique is landing in the shop this week, 
its a large Florentine style chandelier! I'll share as soon as it comes in the shop.
How about a simple way to create a fall tablescape?
Pick up a gorgeous fall wreath at your local HomeGoods and place one of our
Park Hill wicker sleeved candles in the center.  Its rustic and beautiful.
When your candle is finished, you can plop a small ivy plant from your
local nursery or supermarket into the wicker container and thread a thin
velvet ribbon through the rattan.  Its simple and stylish and a way to 
reuse these beautiful containers that our candles come with.
For my Chalk Paint fanatics, how about this marvel?
Paint right over a marble top with stunning success!
Yup, just paint your basic two coats of Chalk Paint.
Let dry and wax the following day for superior coverage and durability.
I am reworking this table to see if a client likes it~
if not it will be up for grabs in the shop.  Painting the marble
isn't the only thing I have planned, we are adding Efex decorative appliques
to the front panel for an old world look.  
Stay tuned for step by step results this week!
Until then, make your life and home more beautiful!

Note: this post is partially sponsored by HomeGoods as part of my participation in the designer program on Pinterest: Happy by Design. See tips and tricks from the HomeGoods designers, including me!!

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