Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pink Polka Dotted Washer and Dryer

 You can't run out to Sears and buy this set...but you can create it 
if you wanted to update your own old washer and dryer.  Its easy with 
Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.  One of our favorite Maison Decor customers
paints furniture for a living.  Like many of our customers, Melissa is a mom
who has discovered how easy and reliable Chalk Paint is to use on furniture
makeovers.  She has built a nice business for herself painting furniture
and selling it from her home.  She and her hubby and four kids recently moved
into a new house and Melissa was doing a makeover on her laundry room.
She found her inspiration in a polka dotted pig wall decoration from HomeGoods.
From there the room got a chandelier, an ironing board shelf,
and a hot pink color palette.
 Here it is in the beginning of the makeover, the pink polka dotted
suitcase and shelf looked really cute with the pig on the wall....
but what could she do about her washer and dryer?  I saw this photo
posted on her Facebook Page, Melissa's Perfect Piece.  She said she wished
she could run out and buy a pair of shiny stainless steel front loaders.
I suggested she paint them pink with polka dots too.  And knowing her
like I do, I was thinking she probably would consider doing just that.
 And so, the washer dryers in hot pink with white polka dots were a reality!
Melissa mixed up Emperor's Silk (red) and Old White Chalk Paint to get
 a bubblegum pink color.  She finished off the job with a polka dot stencil.
Now its the cutest laundry room in Massachusetts!
 Her youngest, Madeline, gave her mom her approval on a job well done! 
Isn't it just the most whimsical thing you could imagine doing 
to your appliances?  Chalk Paint sticks to 
metal and so painting your appliances is always an option.
  Let it cure to get nice and hard and consider sealing it with
 a polycrylic or clear finish top coat product so it can be almost bullet proof.
Don't use Annie Sloan's soft wax to seal these, as the heat from the dryer 
would soften the wax so it couldn't cure.  If you need to touch them up,
 its easy enough to do so.  I would keep a custom paint color mix inside 
a baby food jar, or other small airtight container, 
just in case you need to retouch little marks.    
 You might remember that I recently got some new French Provincial chairs 
for my dining room.  I saw this photo posted on Melissa's Facebook page.  
That day they became mine! It was the day before Thanksgiving 
and I wanted some new chairs.  
Here they are, straight from a small business mom, Melissa, 
who does all this from her home while being a mom to four kids! Phew! 
And I thought having a shop was kind of hard work.  
Hope you enjoyed this post on just another amazing thing that 
Chalk Paint can do.  It really is that good, that amazing,
 and that reliable. Find out why everyone is going crazy 
over Annie's paint, and create some magic of your own!
If you don't think you are brave enough to paint a washer or dryer, 
rethink painting things, like this basic side table. Done in Old White 
Chalk Paint, we finished them using a stencil for the top in a houndstooth
check and then handpainted stripes on the front drawer.  
Makes for an interesting Menswear look, don't you think?


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