Friday, March 27, 2015

Make a Party Tablecloth for any occasion

A custom tablecloth!
This is just the best idea!  
Throwing a baby shower, a graduation party
or Easter dinner?  How about whipping up a fun tablecloth 
with a drop cloth from your local big box Home center, 
a stencil or two and some fabulous Chalk Paint®?  
 My shop assistant Julia gets started with some English Yellow Chalk Paint
 and a large stencil.  She rolled on the paint quickly, placing the stencil
 in a random fashion.  As she rolled one drop cloth I rolled another, 
as we had two large tablecloths
 to create for a party we are planning in the shop. 
 Holding down the stencil with one hand and rolling with the other 
we let the paint vary in how heavy and light it was applied for a distressed look.  
 After the large yellow pattern was rolled on, 
we used two smaller stencils and applied Henrietta Chalk Paint® 
all over the cloth in a random fashion.  
 It couldn't have been more easy!
The tablecloth is washable and the painted design is permanent.
 Think of the possibilities!  
You could paint wide stripes, plaids or 
hand paint monograms.   Or just pick your favorite motifs and colors
and create a unique one of a kind tablecloth for any occasion or everyday use.
We stenciled right over the folding tables, but if you want to do it at home
lay down a sheet of plastic drop cloth to protect your table from 
any paint that might come through the cloth as you paint.
It dries almost instantly, so your cloth is good to go 
as soon as you finish!  
I will share more on the special party we are planning.
it has something to do with a certain magazine that is
coming out in a week or so....

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  1. My comment got eaten up...hope this comes through. SO BEAUTIFUL! You never cease to amaze me, just stunning, great color combo too!

  2. I love it!! colors designs everything! Makes me want to jump into spring!!! xo Leslie Sinclair

  3. Is it washable with chalk paint?

    1. Yes it is washable, and the paint will not wash off nor bleed onto other fabrics.


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