Sunday, June 14, 2015

HomeGoods Stylist opportunity!

It hasn't been very long since I closed the doors at Maison Decor.
Before that I was running my decorating business for almost 25 years. 
 A few years ago HomeGoods started a Pinterest board featuring designers, and they 
asked me to join them on their inaugural team.  I was honored and have 
been pinning on the Happy by Design board ever since. 
 Pinterest has just been an amazing resource for all 
kinds of inspirational images, and so many of use it in our businesses
and personal lives.  Its been a few years now and its been a big success.

This is an example of one of the images I posted on Pinterest. 
It has a lifestyle quality that caught the eye of my HomeGoods liaison.
Imagine my surprise when I got an out of the blue phone call from
my HomeGoods Pinterest liaison.  Was everything going alright
with my pins and my blog?  I'll admit I was a bit nervous, but it turned
out she called because she wanted to hire me to be a Stylist for an upcoming Fall
ad campaign!  And it would be in just a few days!! She told me she thought I would
do an amazing job. We discussed the ins and outs of styling as it related to my 
career as a decorator and also my visual display background skills from my shop.
So this week I will be a HomeGoods Stylist, pulling together their vision for Fall in this campaign. After a conference call and reviewing the "shot list" with the Creative Director, the Stylist Liaison, and the Project Manager,  I had this past weekend to make lists and get a game plan. I will be doing more than a few shots, so its kind of like decorating more than one room.  Lots to keep straight, what to buy, what things I will be looking for, and crossing my fingers that the stores will have the most delicious inventory!  One of the shots is a "pillow story".  HomeGoods always has the prettiest selection. But that is only a very small part of what I will be shopping for this week.
Oh, and they also gave me my own stylist assistant and a rented cargo van for all the stuff,
 along with a big vote of confidence! So this coming week, on Monday and Tuesday I will shop specific stores and meet with the creative team to see how its going.  Wednesday I will style the shoot, which means setting it all up and then planning what food and flowers and other things 
I still need to get...and then finally on Thursday the photographer will capture it all!
 This company is a Massachusetts company, and I am thrilled 
to be working with them.  It's really a fun and exciting opportunity and I think 
you might like to see a bit of behind the scenes on this one, am I right?  
So I will let you know how it all went, and what it takes to get to the final pretty shot.
you see in your advertising flyer, or on the social media pages or television.
I want to give a shout out to my friend, Matthew Mead, as he has
been my sounding board when I first got the news. With his background
of styling and photography for over 25 years, how could I not pick his brain?
Thank you M. You are the KING of styling!! 

One last thing, thank you so much for reading my blog!!
  I started it five years ago in May and I have reached over 5 million page views!! 
I love blogging, and I am thankful for my readership.  When I started it I never thought many 
people would ever see it, but its been a pretty rewarding experience. 
 Here is to another week, and I am hoping you will have a good one too.
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This post is sponsored by HomeGoods as part of my participation in their Pinterest program. 
I hope you get a chance to look at our board.
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