Sunday, August 9, 2015

Organize it Gorgeous! My New Home Office is Rustic Gold Glam

 Setting up this room to be my new base of operations is taking a bit longer
than I thought.  I do realize I have come full circle, as this room was my home office
before I opened my first store three or four years ago.  Now that I am back home
I need a place that functions well for the kinds of things that I do, which include
projects that involve painting, sewing, stapling, writing.....
Mr. Maison Decor told me had this old table that I might like to use.  
He has had it for years and it was in his mothers basement.  
I am sure she was thrilled (!) when I decided to drag it out of there,
power wash the grime off of it and stick it up in my new office/studio.  
It was pretty much what I was looking for, a bit of industrial workshop type table. 
 Nothing I needed to worry about ruining as I will be tossing drop cloths over it 
and painting things, in addition to other things of that nature. 
 But it mostly functions as my desk and so the desktop has paper clips, pencils, paper etc.
  I found beautiful accessories at HomeGoods that add style and function. 
 One of my favorite things were these giant gold paper clips. 
 I have been using them as bookmarkers to hold pages of interest while
 I have been reinventing this space.  I also clip all the outgoing mail together 
and throw it in my bag on the way to the post office.  No loose letters with
 one of those clips. HomeGoods had black and gold journals and interesting 
gold accent pieces that I decided to use in my office as well.
A large china cabinet now houses all of my supplies,
 many in fabric lined wire baskets.  Mixing and matching the various baskets, 
they all look pretty smart inside the cabinet.
A reticulated gold metal container on a wooden base holds my hammers 
and paint stirrer sticks.  Well it is the kind of thing I reach for a lot!
  But you could put rulers and scissors and pencils in yours.
 An old iron urn holds my paint brushes and it looks pretty as a decorative accessory. 
 Any time you can create a pretty moment for a functional purpose, DO IT! 
 It kills two birds with one stone.  Your paint brushes don't have to be in the basement.  
 This centerpiece accessory is the main desk caddy. 
 A simple topiary takes the center spot for a bit of fluff, 
but the side pockets hold envelopes, checkbooks 
and one of the cute HomeGoods journals.
This space is still getting worked on, and while I search for the office chair I want,
this old rush seat chair gets the glamorous look with a Sheepskin through and a crewel pillow.
Making do for now, these let me take my time to find just the right chair.
A room size seagrass rug is on its way too!  
That will make a world of difference in the finished look.  
Mixing it up a bit with some industrial bits and my signature french look
all makes me very happy....and with the HomeGoods accessories mixed in with
my vintage stuff, you could say I am very HomeGoods happy!

 photo signature_zpsxi5q1w6r.png

Note: This post is sponsored by HomeGoods as part of my participation in their Pinterest Designer board, Happy by Design. Please stop by and get lots more organizing tips as well as everything else you could imagine! 


  1. Looks great, Amy. Going to work on my home office this fall!

  2. How stunning! Wow...just a beautiful room with all the right details! OH man I would love an office like this. Right now I do all my work in the dining room lol. Enjoy every minute of that space!

  3. Now that is my kind of office! Just beautiful!

  4. That is a room that should inspire!! GREAT job!! One of my favorite rooms in my home is my home office. xo leslie

  5. I can just see you planning your beautiful projects in that most glamorous room!....I am so happy that gold has made a comeback with a vengeance!....


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