Friday, September 25, 2015

Project Design:How to Create a Beautiful Bed

I was asked to join some fabulous design bloggers on the Project Design series. 
This series is "How to Create a Beautiful Bed".   Sounds pretty elementary, but actually
more goes into making a lovely looking bed than even I realized.  After doing
the post on my own bedding, I found out that making a bed look beautiful took 
a few tricks.  I have two beds to share, so take a look at how they came together.
So lets get started with some analysis and solutions.
How to approach dressing up a bed:
STEP 1. A bedroom starts with an established color palette, so that is a basic beginning point. Next up is the foundation, your sheets.  I have various collections of sheets in florals and plain white. I like to mix and match things and many times will use a different top and bottom sheet on purpose. In this case I had a set of lovely embroidered sheets with a green leaf detail.  Since the bedroom is blue I wanted to coordinate the two colors together.  That is where the next step of layering comes in.
STEP 2.  Layering means just that, adding layers to create interest.  Since I had green sheets in
the blue bedroom, I added blue and white buffalo check shams from my Ballard Designs set
behind the white pillowcases.  Next I added toss pillows in front and I tried various pillows to 
see which ones looked the best with the new sheets.  A pale blue floral chintz pillow that I created
with poms on the border for extra detail was the accent pillow that would tie the two color groups of blue and green together. 
STEP 3.  Pillows are the key to making a bed feel dressed and beautiful.  I had more than 
these on the bed at first, but I felt it was too busy for the restful look I wanted.  So I pared
down the pillows to just two, using the green toile to reinforce the green on the sheet set and then the blue chintz floral lumbar pillow to be the personality piece that finishes the look.
STEP 4. Do you Duvet?  I can remember when it was only the Europeans that used
Duvets on beds.  But now they are common place and most people either are duvet lovers or firmly in the bedspread or quilt category.  Of course you can layer both if your choose.  In the warmer months I take off our duvet and store it until the weather gets cooler.  During these months I often use an empty duvet cover as a simple covering draping the bed, or sometimes I will layer a large vintage
embroidered tablecloth over the bed, like I did in this case.  Its a fun way to add interest to your bedding and I feel it gives my bed a more european look. 
 I could have easily added the Ballard Designs Buffalo Check duvet folded at the foot of the bed, so consider your options for your bed's top layer.  Or add a woven blanket at the foot of the bed in your color palette for another layer that will add texture for interest.  
Perfectly made beds don't seem to photograph as beautifully as slightly 
rumpled beds, so if you are looking for your bed's beauty shot, pull back the sheets and 
mess it up a bit!  Lets take a look at another bed I styled for a recent photo shoot
I did in Newport with Matthew Mead at the home of Lydia Langston.
 This bed was done in a color palette of white with the luxurious looking duvet as 
the star. Ok, maybe it was the dog that was the star!  Haha!
But overall this was a very simple bed to do, as the huge puffy shirred duvet really
was all that was needed in addition to adding some pillows.  

STEP 5.  I didn't forget this step, I just wanted to show how beautiful this bed feels, and in large part it is due to the lovely accents that surround the actual bedding. This is a great example of how bedside accents can play up the mood of the bedding. Lovely soft colored accents in the way of a sunset oil painting and some pale pink roses added romance and sophistication to this bedroom.
 Some toss pillows echo the rooms neutral palette.  In this case, we really went
for the rumpled luxe look. We even tossed pillows onto the floor.
 Just makes you want to dive in under the covers!
 Since there was no headboard, large white euroshams were used resting against the wall.
The bedding and pillows, from Homegoods,  made a luxe statement at a reasonable cost. 
 So make up your beautiful bed with my 5 easy steps!  
And make sure you make it your own way, in your own style, using lots of what you
already have and maybe a few well chosen pieces for a wonderfully beautiful bed!

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  1. Great tips Amy, and so nice to find your blog! I used to duvet, but I get tired of wrestling with them when it's time to launder and put them back I like more layers than just a duvet.. I love the idea of a vintage table cloth draped,or a special throw. Enjoy cozy-ing up in your bed this fall! xo Nancy

  2. Amy thank you so much for being a part of Project Design and making it real!! Lovely suggestions and my favorite part is the pooch!!

  3. Thanks for sharing all of your bed-making tips! I love pillows...and shams...and flowered light quilt I use to make my bed. I also add a throw in the cooler months. But, I like to "make" my bed completely...I personally don't like the un-made look.

  4. masterfully layer the pattern and texture! Love the buffalo check with the floral. Great tips! THANK YOU.

  5. Hi Amy. I can see that you and I share a fondness for soft greens. I love your color pallet and the lovely mix of solids, prints and embroidered sheets. Just beautiful!

    Celia Becker @

    Love how you MIX the sheets TOO..............makes a difference!
    Love how we all have a doggie in the BEDROOM..........well I have a PIGGY TOO!
    Everyones logo is showing UP but MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amy you have created a beautiful refuge with your calming colors and lofty comfort!
    Layering is always the key and even the billowing panels accent the feel of the bedroom!! Thank you!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

  8. Amy all your bedding looks so luxurious and beautiful but I love the vintage tablecloth and that stunning ruched white comforter (or is it a duvet?) - so excited that is a Homegoods find! I am going to keep my eye out for my daughter who just upgraded in bed size and needs all new bedding!

  9. Love this Amy ... a tablecloth ... genius and I so get it! I am a duvet girl ... but mostly lay it ON my insert. I think that might be weird! Oh well ... works for me! And the buffalo check ... I am such a fan and lover of it and love the way you incorporated it into your bed! Nice to meet you through this project and look forward to seeing more!

  10. I left a COMMENT yesterday...........and now as I come back to re-read I see it's NOT HERE!
    Lovely especially the tips on MIXING the make a B E A U T I F U L bed!

  11. Great visuals and cute dog! I must know......what is that charming way the draperies are being hung?

  12. Such beautiful settings, Amy! Scrumptious bedding in both shoots!

  13. Beautiful styling and of course any bed with a dog on it is OK with me:)


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