Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Candles for the Season

I love them and use them in many ways around our home.
Candles are always part of my dinner table decor, especially during the holidays.
My old standard for years and years was to use only white tapers.
 Back when I had my shop, there was that funny time that I painted candles
 with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a color I mixed up to get a vibrant pink.
(Note that you shouldn't burn them as they will smoke, so this is just decorative.)
Those pink candles are a far cry from traditional white tapers.
  So you can see that I have loosened up my  rigid thinking of what is supposed to 
be correct.  My recent fondness for striped candles that feel modern and add 
a touch of color to my table are on this year's holiday dining table.
  As far as scented candles for a dinner table, I will say that is a no-no.  
Who wants to be eating dinner while smelling vanilla
or gardenia or cinnamon or evergreen or......you get the idea, right?
Of course in other rooms of the house, I do love to use scented candles and 
often light a candle in the kitchen or the living room if I am hanging out.
My living room is my favorite room to do just that, and it appears to be Colby's as well.
We spend hours in here~I am often reading or on the laptop, and he is either 
on the couch or in front of the fireplace on a little quilt with his chew toys.
Right behind Colby on the window side table is a neat little candle warmer that scents
the room, without me having to light a  real candle.  Wax melts are added to the warmer and
the scent is released into the air.  You can switch it on or off when you want to scent the room. Or you can do it the traditional way by lighting one of their scented candles in glass jars. 
I had never tried a wax melt and was surprised at how effective it is at scenting a room.
The small ceramic dish warms up wax melts
(which are little chunks of solid scented wax)
 that you add to the ceramic dish on the warmer to really add a 
holiday atmosphere to your room!
I love creating a home that is filled with all the things that make a 
Christmas memorable.  Adding old photos, like this one of my hubs and his big 
brother, bring back childhood memories that make us recall how magical a time  Christmas can be.
The smell of a Christmas tree transports me back to when I was a little girl
waiting for Santa Claus.  They say the sense of smell is the strongest to bring back
old memories.  So what could be better than adding that Christmas tree smell to our homes?
It didn't take long before my room was scented with an evergreen aroma.
Air Wick makes these special scents for the holiday and I am 
pleased to give one of my readers two of the Emerald Woodland
 and Apple Crumble candle scents in the glass jars.
Spiced Apple Crumble is perfect for your kitchen, and the Emerald Woodland
is exactly what I needed in the living room as my tree is a fake one, 
so the woodland scent was ideal.
To win the four candles all you have to do is leave a comment letting me know
 you enjoy candles too.  Or maybe you will share the special ways you
 incorporate candles or wax melts in your home.
Enter by December 7th, and I will have it shipped out right away
 so you will be able to enjoy these scents for your holidays!
Its only four weeks 'til Christmas!
Oh my gosh, lets enjoy the season, shall we?

To check them out and see all the fragrances they have 
you can click on the links below to see more.
You can also find these at Target, Walmart and area vendors.

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Note: This post was sponsored by Air Wicks and I received product for myself and the giveaway and compensation to do this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I am a total candle nut! I love candles and I'm actually completely surprised that I haven't burned the house down by now. LOL! I had better not say that (knock on wood). I have three of the wax melt warmers as well and I really love them! Your home looks absolutely beautiful as always Amy. (*_*)

  2. I never have people into my home without first lighting candles. I just love having the house smell pretty. I do agree with you, though, about using scentless candles at the dining table. I'm crazy about the pale aqua color accent you use in that first photo, Amy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I have ever tried a candle warmer and would love to in one after reading your lovely post.

  4. I always enjoy a good candle , but have never used the wax melts. I would enjoy one as I could use one in our family room without the risk of an open flame.

  5. When the wind is blowing, rain falling against the window, dusk at 4:30, well candles help to make one feel all safe and cozy!

  6. Candles make a house feel like a home, welcoming all who enter. Besides, we all look better by candlelight! I especially love to use coffee table groupings with 3-5 big fat chunky candles in different sizes on a round tray. It creates a big effect, and they usually last for a couple of years so they are well worth the money. Haven't tried the warmer, but it sounds lovely!

  7. Amy, I have been using a warmer for wax melts for years and have to say, they make a room smell devine. I have candles all over my house and use them year "round.

  8. I love candles and not only for the smell but for how they sooth the soul.
    Thanks for the chance... Happy Thanksgiving! Olivia

  9. Love candle light. The fragrance is a plus! Haven't tried a candle warmer & would love to try it!

  10. Love you style!! I want that faux fur pillow...omg I adore it!!!

  11. I am surprised how scents bring back memories. Several years ago I had planted a David Austin rose and forgot about it. As I came around the corner of our home I smelled a heavenly scent and immediately felt like I was a little girl smelling the roses at my Grandmothers home. It was a sweet memory and sweet smell ! I love Lilacs and have Lilac candles .

  12. I use candle warmers in my house and in my classroom at school! I would be most thankful if I was chosen as a winner .
    Thank you for the chance.

  13. Love candles and warmers! I have a set of candles that I bought from the British Museum shop in 1998 which I display every Christmas and they are still in perfect condition - getting them out right now!

  14. I love candles too, I'm burning my rose three wick right now. I am also in love with the Scentsy products and have warmers in every room of my home. I have never tried the AirWick melts so would be thrilled to win and give them a try!

  15. Thanks for the give away.

    Candles are my favorite and I try to stock up after the holidays. I have never tried the Air Wicks melts so it would be exciting to win.


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