Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Garden update: ramshackle shed in place!

 Its been a busy week at home outside, as hubs and son have dedicated themselves to making
my dreams come true.  What dreams?  Well I wanted to move a condemned shed in my mother-in-law's backyard, (which is next doors) into our yard, on the upper terrace near my vegetable garden.
So we began the project this week, and it started off with a few bonuses, like adding six feet of 
extra width to this narrow courtyard.  Justin's idea, and I love it! That meant building a new
granite block wall, which they did, and as we speak the extra pea gravel is being spread.
 In this "before" picture you see the arbor in front of some steps leading up to another lawn
where there is a row of green hedges.  Well that is where the ramshackle shed is going to be 
placed, and the arbor would be moved up in front of the hedges, and if we move one of them over 
it will make a nice that happened today as well!

 So yesterday the guys pulled the old shed out from behind MIL's house. They looped a moving strap around it and it promptly kind of fell apart when they set it onto the ground. But I wasn't deterred.
Neither were they, luckily!  My son said he hadn't seen me that happy (EVER) in his lifetime....not sure I quite agree, but I was VERY happy this was going to finally happen.
 So they wrapped it up again, and secured it with some screws and stuff and off it went...
 That is just one side of it...we can fix that later. 
 In the meantime, Justin moved the arbor up to the top lawn and one of the trees was moved over after hubs dug it up with his excavator. Those machines are super handy, and I want to learn how to operate it so I can do exciting stuff like this all the time.
 We found some cobblestones and are going to have an apron leading into the back area where the shed and the kitchen garden will be located.  In the background hubs was pushing around some big blocks, and it turned out he had the idea to make a granite foundation for the dumpy shed.  What a great idea!  
 After the "foundation" was put in place (just like Thoreau's at Walden Pond, mind you) hubs
carried the shed over and set it into position.
Bingo! And just like that the area is taking shape and I am beyond ecstatic.  
This ramshackle shed project is just part of my magical garden plan.
Stay tuned for the expanded courtyard pics tomorrow!!
PS. I saw this book in an antique shop but the owner said it was not for sale.
"just for inspiration.." hmmmm I was inspired by it for sure after turning the pages.
I saw tons of designs using lattice, as well as the plants that like to grown on lattice.
So I ordered it from Amazon for .78 cents. Its an awesome garden book, in case you are 
looking for that kind of inspiration, like I am.

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  1. So nice...or it will be! I would sooooo love my hubby to do some yard projects for me, but it's a no go around here.

  2. Your backyard already has so many charming features, Amy! With the changes, it's going to be beautiful! How wonderful to get to move things around like that. My husband has always wanted one of those machines. Ha! Have so much fun~ can't wait to see the results~
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  3. How exciting, Amy!!! Looking good!


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