Monday, January 9, 2017

Signature Swedish Style: A visit with Designer Sandra Kelly

 I first learned about Swedish style maven Sandra Kelly at Brimfield, last May,
when my son and I set up our own booth at the Brimfield Antique Fair.
 Sandy's style was unmistakable and never did I think in just a few months
 I would be visiting her home with Matthew Mead for a photo shoot.
Sandy styled her booth with a sense of beauty and order.
 Sandy had some art panels done by a favorite artist, Jennifer Lanne of New York,
 who also had a booth at the May Brimfield show.  You will see some of these pieces 
in the interview video at Sandy's home, so keep your eyes open. 
I fell head over heels for the painted french chairs, and the overall atmosphere of her magical booth.
Fast forward to our visit in a few months.  Her home would be just as enchanting! After the shoot, we set up our video cam and shot a Q and A with Sandy about her signature Swedish style.  We hope you enjoy this interview at Sandy's beautiful country home.  Her home is also featured in Matthew's current issue of Upstyled Home, the winter edition, on newsstands now.  Enjoy!

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  1. What a wonderful interview with you all! I really like this forum, casual, unscripted, raw. Sandy Kelly's home is beautiful, peaceful, lived-in and her. I have been telling clients my entire career about buying a piece for your home that you simply cannot live without! Something you really, really LOVE! And yes, even saving for it, rather than buying something just to fill a space or even a need. I cannot tell you how many of them did not, and lived to regret it, think about it years after, and wish they had.....

    I must make it to Round Top & Marburger soon!


  2. Absolutely wonderful interview. I'm a pale/white/neutrals person myself for the same reasons that were mentioned in the video: it's a very calming look. Thanks for sharing this video. Made my day :-)

  3. Wow...Sandy's home and style is so elegant and gorgeous, yet warm and inviting! Loved the interview. I remember her lovely booth at Brimfield.
    Mary Alice

    1. Thank you Mary Alice! Her booth was so special and magical.

  4. Lovely and elegant.

  5. Brimfield is on my list this year!...I hope she will return...seems like it from the video which I so truly enjoyed! Sandy's booth looked so amazing and I loved her "curb appeal" !!

    1. Brimfield shows are three times a year, in May, July and September. May is the biggest show with the most vendors and shoppers. July is the smallest and of course its the hottest weather....September is labor day so often people are busy with back to school stuff, but this can be a great time to go.

  6. I had planned to visit Brimfield next May while visiting New York and I have watched you tube and it all looks like rusty things to re purpose
    What field is the pretty booths in like you set up last time? I still would like to go but not just to shop rusty junk which I have just want pretty things now


    1. There were many lovely booths in the New England Motel lot as well as Sheldon. There really is a mix of the rusty gold type booths and the fine antiques. I love the French home and garden booths and I found many of those in the field we had our booth in last year, New England Motel.


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