Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A cozy reading spot and an antique jaunt full of treasures

Winter time is here. Finally.  
Today is the first day of February and the
snow finally arrived in Boston.  All of January brought little if any of the 
white stuff, and last night it snowed bringing just a few inches.
Cold weather makes you want to get cozy and that is just what we do around
the fireplace every morning.  We?
Colby and I can be found in here every morning.  The fireplace heats
up quickly and so its off and on until coffee time is over.
Magazines at the ready, a place to put my cup of joe, 
lamplight if its still dark outside, and all is well in 
my beautiful world at home with my peeps and dog.
Some days even Mr. Maison Decor has time to join us, which is a treat.
This morning I found my son Colin sitting in the French chair with his
laptop before he went to work out.  You know you have a good furniture
arrangement when you find everyone wanting to plunk down and stay.
After putting away the Christmas stuff, I moved all the furniture around, and
put the piano back in the original spot.  Moving stuff around brings a new look
to an old space and its something I have done forever.  I bet many of you  just keep 
your arrangements the same, but I just can't do that!!
I am a serial rearranger.
Colby loves the snow, and I think he may have forgotten about it 
from his first winter season.  Now with the fence in place, he has
figured out how to give a check on the neighborhood before coming back
inside by perching up on the step and leaning against the fence.
Then he runs inside and plunks down in his bed by the fire.
(Colby and I have been going to dog training classes, by the way,
in addition to our daily walks around the hood. ) 
Our living room is cozy because its on the small side.
Adding the console table next to the chair is temporary as it 
is a bit too long.  I will be looking for a piece to fit here that will 
fit the wall space, which means more antiquing in my future!
I like the idea of an unpainted piece, but I am sure once I see it, 
I will know it and just buy it....thats how I shop.
Last week I went antiquing with Matthew Mead and our friend, Ellen McHale.
The pretty brass lantern came home with me, and now holds a candlestick for 
adding a little more ambience in the evening.  I was attracted to the star cut outs on the glass
and I figure it will be nice for the courtyard, come Spring.
Its also a great reminder of a fun time with special people.
The older I get, the more I find myself dragging less things home.
Things that have meaning and are associated with good times are ideally 
what I want to use to decorate my home.
If you want to tag along with us on our recent antique jaunt, click on the video
below.  The antique cooperative was at Pulaski Mills, in Peabody, Massachusetts.
You will see me find that special lantern and also what caught Matthew's eye
and the treasure Ellen found that I secretly lusted over.
 And mom and dad:  click on the box in the right corner that has the shape of a square and that will make the video go to full screen so you can see it easier!
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