Sunday, November 18, 2018

Thanksgiving week brings a dollhouse for the dollhouse and more

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and I will be hosting dinner this year, which
is pretty much the norm.  I have yet to set the table, but when I do I will bring out my
"good" camera and take some photos.  This year baby Reeve will join us all, and I just bought her
a booster seat so she can actually sit at the table instead of in her high chair.  She will bring
much joy to the celebration as all her uncles and aunts gather round.
Switching over to my dollhouse obsession, I have made much progress and will
share just a few highlights until I can write a full on dollhouse post.
 A friend gifted me an iron "faux bois" table for my potting room and I 
think it is the perfect addition.  On top of it is a French enamelware pitcher I 
created from paper and paint after fiddling around trying to copy an antique 
pitcher I picked up at Nora Murphy's book launch party in Connecticut last week.
So much to tell you, and the Nora story will be coming right after Thanksgiving,
as I dragged my pal Matthew Mead along to the party and then we went to Nora's house!
What a treat that was!!
 But I digress....
So the potting room has some rose prints on gilded
wood plaques that decorate the walls and an exact copy of 
my painted tarp that hangs over the utility sink!  I still need to do some trim around the 
window as you can see....but its the tiny embellishments that recreate special
things in my life that are extra fun to make for the dollhouse.
One thing I have been fantasizing about is having a dollhouse for the dollhouse.
After much deliberation, I decided to buy one instead of making a simple one.
Mostly because, well, I couldn't resist this amazing 1/144 scale teeny dollhouse!
 Incredibly elaborate, I found it online at
There are several different styles of these extra tiny houses, and the scale
is what is correct for a dollhouse to be in a 1/12 scale house. Its 1/12 of 1/12th!!
Mind boggling to me....but this teeny house can open up and it can be decorated too,
which means quite likely at some point this 1/144 house will have a dollhouse of its own. is NUTS. I know.
 So the dollhouse hallways are narrow and yet they needed something to make them
interesting.  The dollhouse fits perfectly there on display for the dollhouse residents to 
admire.  I created the curtain fabric using a color printer and fabric, printing off a pattern of
an Aubusson rug, then cutting it in half and stitching it up into a pair of panels. A copper wall
sconce was added to illuminate the dark hallway, so we could admire the fancy tiny dollhouse.
 The doorways were embellished with some frescos to add some pretty details and make it more 
fancy and yet still whimsical.  
After adding some printed designs I found online that were romantic, pretty 
and French looking, I handpainted  borders to give it a finished look.
I don't imagine a perfectly historical house.  It's got to have the wow and the whimsy
 and the shabby and the French and all the things I love. 
 That is what is so fun about decorating a dollhouse. 
 Its not real, so you can have anything you WANT!! 
 The next hallway task was to paint the unfinished dollhouse.  It ended up
looking like this, which I call "Very Versailles".
The gilding wax applied on the trim really gave it the wow factor
and it looks beautiful put back in the dollhouse landing on the second floor.
Warning: This blog will be containing a lot more dollhouse updates,
between Thanksgiving and Christmas!  
Until then, wishing all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. You have created quite an enchanting scene!! We're you able to a project or two from Laetitia Mieral yet, when you have time. Aren't all of the special touches you're adding so much fun? Was that a lovely little lit up Christmas tree to one side? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!xx

  2. Amy, your talent amazes me. This gets more and more beautiful. How neat to put a dollhouse in the dollhouse. Are you going to deck the halls for your baby?

    Great that Reeve is going be at the table in a booster seat. Is she beginning to get the Christmas holiday yet?

    Enjoy your family for Thanksgiving


  3. Love the way you have integrated a dollhouse into your real house decorating. A developing interest in miniature homes seems to be a natural spin-off from an interest in interior and exterior home decor. I look forward to any and all dollhouse updates you can post. Lovely 1:144 scale home and you finished it beautifully. Cheers, Alayne

  4. Oh My! You simply amaze me! So, if I read this right, you printed the design on fabric for the hall windows? In your own printer? I am in awe of your talent.

  5. You have done a Spectacular job of painting the doll's dollhouse and I must also comment on how much I like the French prints framing the doors- Beautiful Work all around!


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