Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kitchen console table

 This is a hallway that is kind of in the kitchen. 
I put a white table here and a mirror window.
It is a good place to keep a lot of my floral china vases and platters.
I was busy working on the kitchen cabinets so this space escaped my attention.
A lot of bloggers commented on my pink bowl. 
It is one of my favorites and I guess you could say the bowl inspired what came next.
 I added a clock at the top and oval floral platters around the mirror.
 The lampshades got switched out to pink toile.
I found these in the baby department at Home Goods a few years ago.
I keep a lot of different lampshades in my workroom so I can 
change the mood of my sconces or chandeliers.
The clock was originally black and that got a pink paint and dark wax finish.
 But not before the clock was painted with Louis blue chalk.
 However,  the clock said "paint me pink". 
And the clock was right~pink was the correct color.
Some other smalls went on the "window shelf".
A lettuce leaf head sits in a pink depression cup next to chintzware and transferware.
The hammer and nails have been put away~for now.


  1. I love the your items talk to you as well "paint me pink". becuase I have pretty good conversations with the pieces in my what you did with the table area and it is very cozy and pretty. May I ask where you found the toile lampshades?

  2. The pink is definitely a good fit for that area. Very sweet.

  3. How wonderful it looks! Yes, I do declare, pink was the right color for the clock!

  4. It looks really fresh, Amy! Love the toile lampshades. I also love how you brought the pink in the bowl up through levels so your eye takes in the whole arrangement. Nice!

  5. The pink toile lampshades can be found in the children's decorating section of Home Goods. I often look there to find things in pink and baby blue.

  6. looks so bright and cheery! yes, I like the bowl!

  7. Lovely, Amy. Those lamps are FABULOUS.

  8. Love it. Brings the pink right up to the top! Great job.

  9. Love your pretty pinks Amy~ the pink platter is gorgeous and love your pink toile lampshades. Love all your sweet little details! :)

  10. The addition of the plates to the wall really finishes it off. I love the pink toile shades. Love that you found them in the baby department. They really look perfect with the new vignette. I love that plate holder sitting on the sideboard too. I've been looking for something like that. I need some sort of tiered plate thingy by XMas.

  11. Love it all. Such a beautiful table and the mirror is fabulous. I love the addition of the clock and the platters and the shades are perfect. Gorgeous vignette and display. Hugs, Marty

  12. So charming! It matches the rest of your kitchen. Light, bright, fresh and feminine!

  13. Isn't it amazing how the plates move the eye up and add so much to the wall! Love it, and Love those little pink lampshades too, they're perfect.


  14. OH!!! Yes! That clock did want to be pink! I LOVE IT!
    Have a pretty day!

  15. Hi Amy! And here I thought that clock was a MALE until it wanted to be painted pink...just goes to show you-never trust my instincts when it comes to clocks! Love the lampshades too..AND I have the matching creamer to your chintz plate! Lovely post, sweet girl! Hugs- diana

  16. What a pretty area and the hint of pink makes it so soft and adds such a pretty touch!

  17. Hi Amy,
    I love that you've added the shades of pink to your already very pretty table and vingette.

    I think you can take a break now, you've been working awfully hard!!!


  18. Hi Amy, I love what you did.. it all looks so pretty together and sort of a prelude to the kitchen! Just gorgeous! take care, Maryann

  19. Hi Amy,
    I just found your blog and I love everything about it! You are very talented and I love your style. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Thanks for sharing your passion and joy.

  20. I love it! But I loved it in its "before" look too! I'm more of a simple things/less person. Still, I wouldn't change a single thing. I too like pink :)

  21. Hi Amy, I just stopped by to tell you that I featured your beautiful kitchen this week on "My Top Ten Fav Picks". I hope you can share another post next week on Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage. I hope you have a nice weekend, Mary :O)


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