Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old glass bottles + beach glass

 Mr. Maison Decor has an excavator.
Look what he dug up recently.
 He used to think nothing of stuff like this...
but today he picked them out of the dirt, 
brought them home and set them all up on the patio table.
 Then he came inside the house and said mysteriously
 "someone had left a present for Maison Decor outside".
He had me outside I ran and found his gift.
He is so cute sometimes!
Look~ there is an old Hood Dairy Farm milk bottle.
That is an old Boston company still making milk,
but not in glass bottles.
These bottles have been buried in dirt
and need a good soaking and cleaning.
I just loved that my hubs thought I might like these!
I guess he has been paying attention to
what I have been doing around here.
Our laundry room

I have washed a few bottles out
but the old dirt stains are hard to remove.
Any tips on how best to get stains out?
Well for now I am using them this way:
 I put some beach glass in the old milk bottles.
 I wrapped my "D"ave necklace around one of the bottles.
Love this coastal look.
 I was inspired by all the blues and greens
I saw on Martha's Vineyard this past weekend.
Adding beach glass to old bottles=
Mod Vintage Style.

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Mod Mix Monday at Nitas!


  1. Love it! Especially that Mr MD "got" it and brought them to you.


  2. How fun!! Would soaking them in vinegar help? Or, when in doubt, ask Dr. Google!

  3. Your creative touches never cease to amaze me in how you make even the simplest thing like dirty, bottle look chic, charming and gorgeous!! I think thats so neat that he dug those up. How about soaking in clorox and very hot water? Just a have so many special little touches all over your home, I love your eye and vision Amy!~

  4. Those are great and that was very sweet of him to dig those up and bring them home for you.

  5. How sweet! Soaking them in Greased Lightning would probably take the dirt off- it'll take almost anything off, including stripping paint! If there are water deposit stains, try soaking in cola- my [chemist] hubby says the phosphoric acid in coke should take care of it.

  6. Call me crazy but I like them a little dirty:)

  7. I love them Amy! One of them reminds me of an old Heinz ketchup bottle, the ones you used to see in diners.
    Your hubs is very sweet to think of you. Sometimes our guys let us know they are paying attention.


  8. So creative!!! I love it!
    Have a wonderful week!
    E + J

  9. Love it that Dave put these aside for you. I like them with the sea glass in them. Maybe if you soaked them in a bleach and water solution? Thanks for linking up to my first party.

  10. I had tried bleach and hot water, vinegar straight up, scrubbing with a tooth brush and Cascade dishwasher liquid....I will try the cola like Sheila suggested. I should google it like my sister Susan D suggested too!!

  11. Oh, I love those, especially the one with the necklace on it! Very pretty!

  12. These are wonderful old bottles. I have used CLR on old bottles to remove some of the deposits. It takes a while, but you can keep swirling a little around in the bottle and eventually it takes most of the stains off. FYI, some of my friends use the denture tablets that foam up.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. My bad- I typed that so fast it had too many errors in it! Great old bottles. For inside stains I have used that old foaming denture cleaner -which I cannot remember the name of right now. Polident? That's it - I think! Anyway you drop the tablets in and it foams up-let it sit for several hours and then repeat if necessary. Hugs- Diana

  15. That is so sweet! I love that he brought them to you that way. And that he notices what you are doing ;)

  16. Those old bottles are awesome! I love that your husband took notice of the details and brought them to you. Amazing that in the "old days" people used to just bury that stuff, huh? The bottles look great with the beach glass, and I think the remaining dirt stains just add to their charm!



  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. That is so sweet,your husband is a keeper! I kind of like the stains they add to the vintage charm. Sorry I had to delete my first comment I should be sleeping not blogging and my gibberish first comment showed it.

  19. Those hubs have a way of surprising us every now and then. How great!

  20. Wow! What awesome bottles. I Love them. And I Love that your husband saved them for you!

  21. What a good Hubby! I would have been so excited! Ahh.. the things that make us happy :)

  22. Good for him! That's sweet as anything, and they're awesome!


  23. I got some old dirty bottles at an antique store recently and they needed to be cleaned inside and out. I did google how to clean some of the hard to clean insides and it suggested using "rice" as an abrasive. Hot water, some Dawn and shake up the rice so it kind of scrapes the hard to budge dirt. I also used a long wooden shish kabob stick and put it down the narrow necks of them and scraped with it. Good luck!~Hugs, Patti

  24. Digging in the dirt you never know what you'll find....hubby scored!

  25. I put in denture cleaner and water and let them soak. Hope it works for you.

  26. I agree with the vinegar suggestion.


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