Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cottage kitchen decorated with tole

I was inspired by a kitchen I saw to use toleware for my kitchen.
Tole has long been a favorite of mine,
 but as things go, I had not been using my collection
of  mostly black tole trays.
This kitchen from an old Romantic Homes magazine
shown on Cindy's My Romantic Home was my inspiration.
 I reconfigured the shelf above the window, 
and covered it in faux tin tile from Home Depot.
I was planning to have Mr.Maison Decor router the edge,
but that quickly turned in to a disaster.
However it lead me to think of this solution,
and I really like the vintage look it adds.
It comes in sheets, 
and I cut it with scissors after tracing my shelf.
They sell an adhesive tape that sticks the tile to the surface.
Then I painted it to match the cabinets. 
My space above the window is shallow so I searched for small trays.
 I wanted to use pastel colored tole in the kitchen
so I found a few on Etsy. 
Turned out I couldn't see them up there, 
so I plopped two on the window sill.
They are all the same shape and size,
 but I needed to do a little repair work to one which was quite rusted.
It looked too worn and dull compared to the other trays.
 I taped the floral pattern off with blue tape 
and then sprayed it with some paint I had on hand,
otherwise it would have been cream.
You can see the tape being removed to reveal the saved artwork.
Then I used rub and buff to add the gilded edge to two of the trays. 
One was plain, the one lowest above was purchased in perfect condition.
You can't tell that the tray was painted!
 I plan to do a large one in turquoise next.
The pansies and the roses are from my garden,
and are in the old bottles found by my husband.
Like the inspiration pic, 
I hung some pastel trays around the kitchen.
I bought this pretty pink one for over the stove.
Quite shabby, with a reticulated edge.
 It has pink roses and purple violets.
A cute tole wall pocket was hung under the shelf.
I've had this pink tray for 20 years.
Pink tole is my favorite color.
I would love to add a farmers sink.
And marble counters....
The Dash and Albert rug has all the right colors.
I like the cottage look the tole brings to the kitchen.






  1. I love your kitchen. It is gorgeous and all of your tole is beautiful and definitely looks like the inspiration pic. Your island is fabulous. Such a wonderful piece. Hugs, marty

  2. Hi Amy,
    Looks like you got what you wanted from the inspirational photo. The shelf with the tin lining is so pretty and the brackets look great.
    I can't believe what a great job you did repainting the tole tray. The trays all look so pretty.

    Good job!


  3. I never thought of taping off the floral to redo the background color!! Thank you!!!! I love the look you created and i have a shelf over my sink already! I already have some trays and thing I can use. This would make a great change for summer. You kitchen is so pretty. Sarah

  4. Hi Amy...oh my goodness, your kitchen is so bright and pretty for the summer months! LOVE that shelf you made! Thank you for sharing how you did it. All of your tole trays are wonderful.

  5. Your kitchen so so pretty. I love the tole trays. The shelf looks amazing too. I have a tole kindling box that I've contemplated painting but I wasn't sure that taping off the floral design would work out okay. Thanks to you I don't have to wonder anymore, thanks so much for sharing your great tips.

  6. Your kitchen looks very pretty with the Tole trays, it does make it looks more cottagey and romantic!
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. I like your kitchen better than the inspiration photo, actually, it's not so busy and I prefer your hand-painted cabinets, island, and the personal touches of the tole trays. LOVE the idea of refurbing the tole tray the way you did, I would never have thought of that! Great tip!



  8. Love love love it all. You put so much into this blog I don't know where to start. The underside of the shelf is really vintage looking. I love the trays, and you did an amazing job repainting the one!! They all look really nice. Your kitchen is really coming together nicely.

  9. Everything looks just gorgeous Amy! I just love your warm and welcoming kitchen and your latest touches only enhance what was already so beautiful. :-)

  10. Goodness, that was a labour of love taping those trays for respray! Well done

  11. I was so excited to see this post as I've been anxious to see your tole trays. Very clever the way you taped the floral off and repainted the background. They look so pretty!


  12. Oh, I love that; you are very, very talented. Good job of saving that tray, too.

  13. Wow! The tray you painted looks amazing! Love what you did!

  14. That turned out beautifully. What a great tape off you did! Looks amazing. How fun to have your kitchen getting this whole new look!

  15. Amy, The tray turned out wonderful! I have one packed away because it needs some attention now I know how to save it. Your shelf and tole trays
    are beautiful.

  16. Hi, Your kitchen looks wonderful and I love the faux tin from Home Depot. I did my whole kitchen ceiling in the copper, it cost me a fortune - then I sold the house and moved - oh well. A great job restoring the tole tray as well! Have a fun week, Love, Linda

  17. Love the tole trays! I'm a tole painter and teacher, so I especially love the old pieces. I want a farm sink too!!

  18. Amy- You did an absoluely perfect job in that kitchen! I love it- and great job painting that tole tray-that was sure a labor of love. Your kitchen is as pretty as any I have seen! xxoo D

  19. Wow Amy! I love how your kitchen turned out. You're a talented artist painting those trays! I still have to find those Annie Sloan paint here in SD.

    Happy Memorial Monday to you and I hope you can join my giveaway.

  20. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Love the shelf.

  21. I am linking over from Nita's Mod VIntage Life. I love your blog! I am so glad I found you. I am your newest follower.

  22. Wow...beautiful kitchen! The tray transformations are great! That tile shelf you created is gorgeous!

  23. Your kitchen is beautiful. I love it. Thanks for sharing your loveliness. Karie

  24. Amy the tole trays look fabulous!! I love tole trays too, and because I decorate in reds and blacks, I have been able to use them.

  25. The kitchen looks divine! Beautiful painting job!

  26. What a beautiful job Amy!!
    I love the outcome of painting the trays, yet leaving them chippy is okay as well :)
    I have a habit of painting every I touch like you!

    Come for a visit see what Roses I have painted on a Salvages Table leaf.

  27. I absolutely love what you did in your kitchen Amy ~ it's so gorgeous! That pink tole tray above the stove is breathtaking! It's my favorite! ~Stacy~ xo

  28. I love that shelf with the tin on it. Love all the tole trays too. Especially the one you fixed. I really like it in grey. Love the one over the stove too. Can't wait to see the turquoise one you are going to do. I have always wanted to collect these but just never did. Really love your kitchen now that its all painted up.

  29. How pretty! What a great job you did. Thank you for the information about the tin...that might come in very handy at some time, I love the way it looks. All the toile trays are lovely but the one above the stove is my favorite.

  30. Loving all of this. The tiles on the shelf are charming. Now has me wondering where and how I could use them. Such a clever trick on the trays, looks like new! Nicely done.

  31. Morning Amy,

    As a former Tole painter myself, I must say your kitchen looks fabulous!

    All those pretty floral trays are a great cottage addition. Love how you used the ceiling tin.....genius.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor and thanks for sharing your home with us.

    janet xox

  32. Lovin' your cottage kitchen and all it's charming touches...the tole trays are so pretty...

  33. Beautiful!! I love what you did to make the toleware look new again...PERFECT!!! I love the way you decorate. So pretty and cozy and clean. Thanks also for following my blog and the nice comment you left! :)

  34. Your kitchen is so pretty and I love the sweet tole trays. I must be on the lookout for at least one for my new kitchen which is being renovated. I am also having a shelf built above the window for display space. Yours is a beautiful space! Blessings, Pamela

  35. Fantastic Amy! Love the pressed tin look on the bottom of your darned clever!
    Never thought to repair a tray like you did, genius! Thanks so much for linking up this post!
    Love it all.

  36. Amy, it's fun to see your pretty tole trays. How clever of you to tape off the design and paint that one. It looks fabulous! I, too, admire tole trays. Some began to follow me home. I have a problem with that! LOL I didn't really have a place to use them, so they are now living with the daughter of one of my friends. She wanted to start a collection, so I sent her the ones I had. They have a good home, and it made me feel good to think I could help a young collector get started.
    Happy New Year! ~ Sarah

  37. what a wonderful collection, I love the pastel ones too. Seems I only run across the black ones.

  38. I love your kitchen and your tray collection is great, I specially love the pastel ones, and all the rest, lol. Happy New year.


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