Monday, May 23, 2011

A Martha's Vineyard Shopping Paradise

 This was in the store's front entry way~
a gorgeous frenchy cane settee.
Yes, I'd like to take this home.
Even the linen print pillows were perfect....
But I was here to help mom, an islander, do a little shopping for her home.
 This is a great place on island to get furniture,
 and I am sure the likes of Jackie O may have even shopped here.
This store has been here forever it seems.
Lets see if I can find something for mom, 
she is looking for some new beds.
 A secretary done in fresh key lime.
 Island decor may be a little different than mainland (or mainstream), 
but I think you will agree
that all of these things one might see in blogland, 
as AFTER pics, redone by us amazing DIYers.
So get some inspiration from these high price tagged items...
 Distressed and pale grey~
 Industrial mixed with farmhouse chic~
 Gorgeous pink linen floral print on a weathered sand colored frame.
 Mod chinoiserie style chest painted in coastal blue.
 I saw quite a bit of french influenced pieces like this cool lettered glass bottle lamp.
 Blues and greens were everywhere you looked. 
Don't you love this green wicker set?
 A Rachel Ashwell style shabby chic chair perfect for the bedroom sitting area.
 Heavily distressed chests and tables in duck egg blue...and old white! 
I've seen this in blogland, and for less than $625 a pop.
These are straight out of Miss Mustard Seed's portfolio.
 A 60" round weathered grey painted table with rattan chairs in linen upholstery.
 Gauzy sheer linen dust ruffle and bedding on a heavenly upholstered head board.
 Shabby raw rosettes inside each tuft! 
 Sweetest dreams await.
 A more traditional vineyard furniture grouping 
in blues and whites with  lighthouses thrown in!
 A darling periwinkle blue and white modern toile pattern covers this angled sofa. 
 An outdoor section was filled with green and aqua fabrics
 with teak furnishings and market umbrellas.
I am a sucker for anything iron,
 and these huge tole candle sconces were my cup of tea.
Perfect as a centerpiece on outdoor dining table.
 What a fun bed! Mod Vintage Style.
I love the grey green color and the bedding.
A classic caned bed frame in swedish grey.
 Much to my shock I spotted a pair of
 reproduction chandies almost like the one I just bought! 
The price? $595 each. 
The finish is rusted iron and the carved swags and cap are flatter.
If you didn't get to see my chandy, here it is, 
and I paid 1/6 the price. That made me a happy girl!
A cartload of Dash and Albert striped runners.
 I had to take one home with me~
isn't that cart adorable?
These rugs say summer freshness.
 I grabbed the pink, aqua, green, 
orange, brown one in the middle there.
You will see it soon in my kitchen
 which is getting some decorating touches.
That was our trip to the Vineyard Decorators store~
Mom didn't find what she was looking for...but 
I realized if this high end retail location is any indication,
 us blogger/decorators are on the right track.
Painted, shabby and distressed furniture and a lot of french touches!
Doing it with style, for a lot less dough.


  1. Wow, I love everything in that store! My favorites are that gorgeous caned settee and the floral fabric on the first armchair!

  2. OMG Kim, I would love to browse through that shop just to get ideas. The prices are steep, but the ideas are cheap! LOL!!!

    You are so right, we bloggers are right on and know how to do it without spending all the dollars. We are so good!

    Thanks for the tour.


  3. Fabulous stuff there, Amy. Although, I would probably have walked out empty handed. A bit high for my budget and mindset. I did love a lot of the pieces and you are right, many are similar to transformations I've seen right here in blogland. Lovely to look at though! How cool to see lights just like your new chandy.

  4. Hi Amy,
    Thank you for taking us shopping with you i loved nearly everything in that store and really loved the that headboard,so beautiful.
    So fantastic to see your dreamy chandelier is not only stunning but a steal too bet you jumped for joy,
    Love Kristina x

  5. What a great thing to spend the day with your mom.

  6. Thanks for taking us along on your trip! Sorry you and your mother didn't find what you were looking for, but I bet it was fun! Too bad the pieces were so steep, the furniture is just my taste!


  7. Love so much of what you shared Amy~ The lime cupboard, the toile sofa, the chippy distressed painted pieces... everything is so lovely!! Sounds like a fun day~ thanks for sharing! :)

  8. What a great store. You must have been thrilled to see chandi's similar to your's but much more expensive. And you'rs is the real deal. Love all the chippy furniture of course...but I'd prefer old than new made to look old.

  9. I completely agree with Nita!

    I wish I could put those prices on the pieces in my shop!!

  10. Great pictures - I felt as if I was there with you!

  11. Wow what an awesome looking shop!! I agree your pictures are great and it was like we all got to shop there as well!!

  12. What a fun shopping trip! I'll take one set of the wicker, one of the chandeliers, that pretty dresser, and the shabby chic chair please! Oh... and you can deliver it in a couple of hours... That's just perfect...


  13. I've never seen so many pieces I'd love to own in one place!!! What a wonderful shop! Thanks so much for the tour!

  14. Gorgeous things in that great store! Wow, expensive, but inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

  15. What a neat store, and it is very inspiring to know that someone can make 600-2000 for the furniture we paint for under 3.....Atmosphere and clientele! Really glad to see that high end stores have the same taste as alot of diyers in blogland! Thanks for sharing and stopping by my place! Love your pics

  16. I loved all the treasures in that store but not the price tags. The gray headboard was my fav! What a fun place to gather inspiration.

  17. I think you would have had to drag me out of there! The prices are a BIT out of my range , but ... oh ... to walk around and drool! Great chouce on the runner!
    That tufted headboard with the flowers... ahhh.
    Gorgeous store- thank you for sharing.
    Have a pretty day!

  18. The more I look the more I love! Thank you so much or telling us about this gem!

  19. Gorgeous and more gorgeous, it was like taking a stroll through blog land. I cant believe the tufted headboard. I'm doing a chair with tufts, and I replaced the buttons with rosettes! Amazing... I thought I was so original LOL. I guess its really true...there's nothing new under the sun.

  20. Love that headboard with the rosettes. Pinned it for Edyn's headboard inspiration.

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour....thanks!


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