Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Painted Mirror gets Styled

The new mirror got a paint job with aqua, greens, silver and gold.
I wanted the chest to feel connected to the new look, without painting it.
So I created two runners for the top.
One is a silk table cloth I had made for a Christmas Eve dinner.
 I loosely gathered it by hand so it would fit the top
 of the chest and drape to the floor.
It was dramatic, a little bit too fussy and it plays to the purples
 in the room instead of the pretty aqua.
I'll save it for Christmas.
So I went up to my workroom and made
 this runner out of leftovers and samples.
I call it Sea Glass.
This seems just right. 
It brings out the shades of aqua and blue.  
I made huge ruffled ends to this runner.

I popped a pillow on the chair next to it, 
so you can see all of the colors together.
I can use my purple glasses again!
Shadeless candlestick lamps wearing crystal snoods seemed to fit the mood.
The new mirror feels elegant. 
Its hard to tell you how soft it looks in the room now.
There is one more thing on the horizon for this room...
This purple rug from Company C called Cluny 
that I have rolled up since we sold our NH house.
It was in our dining room there, 
and I am thinking it might look really perfect in this dining room.
When I get some more energy we will see how it looks~
what are your thoughts?
Will it be a winner? 
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