Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Painted Mirror gets Styled

The new mirror got a paint job with aqua, greens, silver and gold.
I wanted the chest to feel connected to the new look, without painting it.
So I created two runners for the top.
One is a silk table cloth I had made for a Christmas Eve dinner.
 I loosely gathered it by hand so it would fit the top
 of the chest and drape to the floor.
It was dramatic, a little bit too fussy and it plays to the purples
 in the room instead of the pretty aqua.
I'll save it for Christmas.
So I went up to my workroom and made
 this runner out of leftovers and samples.
I call it Sea Glass.
This seems just right. 
It brings out the shades of aqua and blue.  
I made huge ruffled ends to this runner.

I popped a pillow on the chair next to it, 
so you can see all of the colors together.
I can use my purple glasses again!
Shadeless candlestick lamps wearing crystal snoods seemed to fit the mood.
The new mirror feels elegant. 
Its hard to tell you how soft it looks in the room now.
There is one more thing on the horizon for this room...
This purple rug from Company C called Cluny 
that I have rolled up since we sold our NH house.
It was in our dining room there, 
and I am thinking it might look really perfect in this dining room.
When I get some more energy we will see how it looks~
what are your thoughts?
Will it be a winner? 


  1. looks so great! love your style very much! warm wishes and a nice and creative weekend! di

  2. I say put the purple rug in there!!! I'm on such a huge purple/lilac/lavender kick right now so I would do it for sure:) Your runner looks amazing, I wish I could whip up something like that!

  3. That mirror is gorgeous! And, I love how you used the runner to tie the pieces together. Verdict is out on the rug until I see it in the space. Hope it works... so nice to be able to use what you already have :)

  4. Your runner turned out beautiful. The trim is gorgeous. I love the purple rug but I love color. I think it'll really ground the room.

  5. What a fabulous runner, Amy! Love it! Great fabrics and the trim is just beautiful. It works SO good with your new mirror color. You may have to lay the rug to see; my initial thought is it might be too much purple but, on the other hand, it may just be the final touch needed.

  6. I say let's try the rug in there...It may be perfect...I scrolled down 9or up) enough to just see the rug and the chest/mirror photos...I liked it...

    I love the mirror!!! You did sooo good! And dont get me started on that runner!!! In love!!!! ;)

    Your home makes my heart smile! :)

    XoXo, Meme

  7. It all looks fabulous - done very well!!

  8. hmmm...I think it might look good! I am loving your mirror makeover! the pink was amazing, but the blue and metallics are stunning. Just gorgeous.

  9. So you just popped on up to your craft room and created a gorgeous, to-die-for runner that looks like it came out of a high end shop. WOW!

  10. Love the mirror, it is fabulous with the chest. The table runner is gorgeous. I love your vignette. Can't wait to see the rug. Hugs, Marty

  11. Go for the purple rug Amy, you have a wonderful way of making everything work together.
    At first when I saw the runner, I wasn't liking it and then when I scrolled down and saw that you had made another one, I kept saying Wow over and over again. I love it!


  12. Loving the mirror in the new color. Your popping upstairs to sew up a new runner makes me wish I had a spot to have my sewing machine out at all times. The runners are very pretty. Not sure about the rug. Guess you'll just have to try it.

  13. Your dining room looks really beautiful Amy! I especially love the fabric on the pillows that set your whole color scheme. It's wonderful!

  14. I like the purple will make it work...that's just you! I just can't get over that mirror, it's gorgeous and so is the runner. Kudos to you!!


  15. Hi Amy! I have missed you while I've been taking off a little from blogging. Purple and teal or aqua are my 16 yr olds favorite color combination. I think those pillows are some of the prettiest ever. The dining room is to die for! I think that the purple rug is definitely worth trying. Better to try it and make sure either way, otherwise if you're like me, you'll keep wondering about it! Anyway, it's good to be back and I absolutely love what you've done here.



  16. Love the mirror and the table runner is gorgeous. Everything looks beautiful. . . The vignettes are very stunning. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  17. The mirror is absolutely stunning! Wow...
    Looks like the ripple effect is in action again, add the pillows, then repaint the mirror, then make a runner for the desk, add the rug... redo the living room, change the shower curtain... just kidding,... well maybe a little bit.
    I don't know about the rug, the colors are right, but i'd have to see it in there first, which of course means dragging it out and all the work involved with that... but you know you've gotta try it!


  18. I LOVE how you refer to it as "bossy"!!!
    How in the world can you just run upstairs and whip up a gorgeous runner, just like that! Oh my gosh! I wish so very much I had that talent!!!
    Isn't it funny how things sometimes come full circle... that purple rug is coming back again.
    Love it!
    Have a pretty day!

  19. Beautiful runner, Amy! Looking forward to seeing the rug in that space.

  20. Well I really loved the mirror in pink, but I have to say it looks stunning in its new colors,the runner you made ties it together so beautifully. The runner itself is TDF. Everything is just gorgeous.

  21. I think the purple rug will be perfect. Keep it rolled up in the room and look at it a few days before moving the dining table. I love the effect that your paint job did. It's so gorgeous!

  22. The mirror and runner are so pretty Amy! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  23. Amy!!! Your mirror is gorgeous in that shade!! Oh I loved it in pink... but this is fantastic!! Love it. Love it. Love it!! You know I will have to share the new look on Facebook! :) Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing at my party this week!

  24. I LOVE the accessories on the buffet/dresser...especially the use of purple! And, OK call me "boring" but I don't like the runner in this application. Sorry :-( I think it takes away from the beautiful styling of the dresser's fine lines. Like they say when you're doing your face make-up: "Play up the eyes or the lips. Not both!" See the comparison? As for the rug....I'm also tending to vote for the current one. Maybe the purple one could get too "bossy" as you labeled it.

  25. As always, gorgeous. You are so lucky to have such a great eye for decorating.


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