Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old glass bottles + beach glass

 Mr. Maison Decor has an excavator.
Look what he dug up recently.
 He used to think nothing of stuff like this...
but today he picked them out of the dirt, 
brought them home and set them all up on the patio table.
 Then he came inside the house and said mysteriously
 "someone had left a present for Maison Decor outside".
He had me outside I ran and found his gift.
He is so cute sometimes!
Look~ there is an old Hood Dairy Farm milk bottle.
That is an old Boston company still making milk,
but not in glass bottles.
These bottles have been buried in dirt
and need a good soaking and cleaning.
I just loved that my hubs thought I might like these!
I guess he has been paying attention to
what I have been doing around here.
Our laundry room

I have washed a few bottles out
but the old dirt stains are hard to remove.
Any tips on how best to get stains out?
Well for now I am using them this way:
 I put some beach glass in the old milk bottles.
 I wrapped my "D"ave necklace around one of the bottles.
Love this coastal look.
 I was inspired by all the blues and greens
I saw on Martha's Vineyard this past weekend.
Adding beach glass to old bottles=
Mod Vintage Style.

linking to
Mod Mix Monday at Nitas!
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