Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Romantic Tole Trays

Gosh I love this kitchen.
The farmhouse sink, the white glazed cabinets, the chandelier, and a pretty window.
There is a shelf with brackets above the sink window kind of like mine.
I spy some tole trays, which I have been collecting for 30 years.
There are two above the window and one against the backsplash.
Another on the island serving up drinks.
My window and brackets.
Note to self: need farmhouse sink.
Tole trays are pretty  little paintings of roses on an interesting canvas.
Seems like these trays have fallen out of favor,
along with some other things that used to be "hot"
like graniteware, spongeware, majolica, limoges, needlepoint....
which goes to prove, collect things because you like them,
not because they are trendy or hot.
Even then, sometimes we get tired of our collections.
When I saw this kitchen on Cindy's Romantic Home blog,
I remembered why I started collecting these trays.
They are so romantic and pretty, and they look terrific in this kitchen.
They usually come in black, but you can find them in other colors.
 Almost all of the trays in the kitchens here are in pastels, not black.
Flea Market Trixie's kitchen appealed to me because of this turquoise tray!
Without the tray, its your average nice white and grey kitchen.
The tray is a scene stealer~I was so  happy to find this recent image,
because I was looking for ways to use my collection, that have been sitting unused.
This kitchen showcases a great collection of tole trays.
It was featured in an old issue of Romantic Homes,
and I just love how this kitchen looks!
I pulled out some of my trays, and played around 
trying to copy this gorgeous kitchen.
My window shelf is too close to the ceiling 
so I can't display any up there.
But maybe I can use them in other spots....
So I will be working on my kitchen and 
maybe figuring out how to add a little tole magic into the mix.

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  1. i loved flea market pixies kitchen because of that tray too!! i love white rooms with a dash of colour!

  2. I have a feeling the popularity of these trays will come around again. The black are the most common, of course, but I love the other colors you've shown. Especially the turquoise one!

  3. What a fabulous kitchen, Amy! Thanks for sharing this; I'm going to save it to my kitchen ideas folder. I love everything about it and it does remind me of yours. Expecially the area with the shelf over the sink.

  4. Those are beautiful trays! I see them quite often on Etsy but some of them are a bit pricey...very pretty though:)

  5. It seems like since the internet came along things are hot one day and not the next. Everything's moving way too fast. You're right. Collect what you love regardless if it's the current trend right now. And if it's not, you can usually get some deals.

    I love the brackets in your kitchen! Wondering if I could do something like that in mine, but pretty sure I can't. :-(

  6. You will make it look stunning, I'm sure. I completely agree with collecting things you love vs. what is trendy. I don't collect much, just bits and pieces of things that I love here and there but what I do have, I have always loved. I've found that the trendy pieces are now in boxes in my basement.

  7. I can see why you'd love this kitchen....it's just beautiful. I'm wanting a farm house sink as well.We have a kitchen renovation company coming over next week to measure for new countertops and I'm going to ask about the sink (although I have a "sinking" feeling it won't work in my current space)

  8. I love the tole trays and have never got tired of them. I only have two. One is displayed in my kitchen and the other in my dining room. Can't wait to see where you put yours!

  9. I would love one of these tole trays!!
    A farmhouse sink would be perfect in your kitchen!! That's another dream of mine too!!

  10. Oh I love the trays!!!I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs

  11. Hi Amy,
    Another booth owner and I were discussing tole trays today! One of the other booths had several tole trays for sale and we were both commenting on how they used to sell but have stopped selling. You are so right, we need to display what we love and forget about trends.
    I love how these kitchens have displays of trays and I'm waiting to see yours.


  12. I love those trays. My mom has an old one that used to hang in the dining room ~ I wonder what ever happened to. And I want one of those old farmhouse sinks, too. :)

  13. Hi Amy! Oh, I love your kitchen and your inspiration kitchen is gorgeous. I love these trays and have just one. I need to play with it a little more.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. It is a gorgeous kitchen and yours is a close second! I love tole trays too and have one in black in my kitchen. I seen one this past winter at an antique mall and I could kick myself for not buying it!~Hugs, Patti

  15. I love that kitchen too. I've always wanted a turquoise one of those trays. Hey...did you paint the bottom of your cabinets white?

  16. Still loving your kitchen redo, it looks amazing. The tole trays are cool, i have a peachy one that i really like...


  17. Those trays are all beautiful, especially the turquoise one. However, I think my favorite thing in all of these pictures is the little bunny by your sink. Is he holding a soap dish...? Too cute!

  18. I collect these too, and I am looking for more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Please order two farmhouse sinks - I need one too! And I also adore the turquoise tray - such a great pop of color!

  20. Great post! I love tole trays, but like I told you in my email, I have put most of them away. I still adore them and will pull them out again, but for now I'm trying to declutter. Love the aqua tray in that pic, you are right, it is a scene stealer! Just beautiful! ~Stacy~ P.S. I'll email you later tonight!

  21. I love the tole trays! I have a few in a guest bedroom, and I'm always on the lookout for more. I found your post on Wow us Wednesdays at Savvy Southern Style, and look forward to following your blog.

  22. Beautiful trays Amy...especially the turquoise one...I love all things turquoise! ~Deb~

  23. Trends are something that make me shake my head. I buy what I like and sometimes I am ahead of a trend and sometimes, I am behind. I just scored a huge black and gold tray for $1 at an auction last week. Trends come and go and someday, if I tire of this newest tray, it will be back in vogue and I may have a valuable piece. I am all for seeing items with new eyes since sometimes, it awakens your senses and you appreciate a new style that you had overlooked. Yet sometimes, a style is tossed out and even ridiculed as so old hat. That saying that everything old is new again is so, so true. Items that I grew up with in the 50's have a following and I look at them with fresh eyes, myself.

  24. I have collected tole trays for sometime and have them displayed in my kitchen. They bring so much style and add that vintage look I am after.

  25. I love tole trays, I have one hanging in my bathroom. The turquoise one is gorgeous and the way it pops in that kitchen... I too, love that image... it's mouth watering!

  26. I Bought the umbrella a few years ago at a place called World Market, you can go to there online store. They closed by me .. Thank you so much for you comments....Your home is Beautiful I love it !!

  27. Thank you for this post! I am continually drawn to the tole trays. I have loved them for quite a very long time, however, have been reluctant to purchase. I was turned away from the "overkill" in displaying them, and the stigma of an overly feminine/victorian laced kitchen. I love the Flea Market Trixie's kitchen. Just the right touch! I am inspired now!

  28. I have all of these black and gold tole planters in my storage that I totally forgot about until I saw this! So glad you reminded me of them!


  29. Amy they are all beautiful. I have thought of hand painting some myself!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

  30. Hi Amy, I just found you at Open House.....what a great post....I just love tole trays and have them hanging all over my home. Been collecting them for years. They seem to go wherever you put them.
    Marianne :)

  31. Love tole trays and love the many gorgeous examples you have shown here, your own home fitting in beautifully with every one of the examples! I love them hanging, and hadn't really thought of that but its a great idea and a nice way to warm up an empty wall.

  32. Hi Amy, What gorgeous kitchens you are showing! I also love tole trays and especially in the pastel colors. I would love to see your collection. Thanks for linking up to my party.

  33. Love all the inspiration and i have been trying to hunt one of those trays dwn myself! They are lovely!

  34. Oh I love your trays. I just have one and it is huge, but it has a rooster on it, so that makes it special to me. I love the soft colors of yours and the gorgeous flowers. All of the pics are stunning, such beautiful kitchens. Can't wait to see what you do. Hugs, Marty

  35. All of those pictures are just dreamy and make me miss my white kitchen! The trays are gorgeous and I can't wait to see how you incorporate yours into your already lovely kitchen. :-)

  36. Hi again Amy! Forgot to tell you that I ordered my Union Jack pillow from Rachel Ashwell's shop...and I love it! ~Deb~

  37. Love tole trays but don't have even one! I see them but so pricy...I keep looking! Beautiful post as always! Hope your weekend is wonderful. :)

  38. Much inspiration to be found in these photos. I've long admired tole trays, and once had a small collection of these. I've since given them to a young friend who was starting out and wanted to begin a collection of her own. The last one you show is gorgeous. ~ Sarah


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