Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sketch of Kat's House

I sketched Kat's house.
Kat was a winner of my 400 followers giveaway.
She told me I had creative license to do what I wanted!
I like to create a fairy tale version of the actual home,
so it still looks like her home, but with a story book feel.
Here is the photo Kat sent me of her California home.
She asked me to make her trellis on the right overflowing with roses.
She wanted her plastic Adirondack chair to look like a wooden one.
My scanner doesn't quite capture the color and the entire sketch,
so here is the left side of the sketch.
The contrast was enhanced, but it shows darker than it really is.
Speaking of sketches...
I got an email from Muses Magazine which is an e-mag.
They feature nine different artists, 
"The Fine Nine"
and they want to put me and my sketches in a June issue!
I will keep you posted on this new opportunity~

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