Sunday, June 28, 2015

From Newport to Martha's Vineyard and a Best of Boston Award!

Its summer in New England! 
Nothing better than trips to the resort locations right
here in our own backyard.  Just last week I was in Newport finishing up a decorating job
capped off by a photo shoot with the talented Matthew Mead.  He graciously shared these
shots with me, so I could show them off here.  This will be my "pillow story".  All of the shots
taken were in a neutral backdrop, and it was up to the pillows and flowers to add the oomph.
 Designer pillow from HomeGoods (shhhh, no names allowed) was the perfect touch.
Most of the pillows have down inserts, and so many beautiful patterns and solids to choose from to make your room spring to life.
 My theme here in Newport was blue and white on a base of grey and tan. 
 Repeat the pillow colors with flowers and you have a winning combination.
 Hydrangeas are the best of summer flowers, and I have my own Endless Summer bush right on my front walkway at home.  These came from a florist and had huge mopheads. 
 Elsewhere in the house, I used one pillow to great effect.
 An overall white bed got a whimsical lift from this pretty birdcage pillow.  Out of camera shot was the artwork that repeated the colors in the pillow.  We used Downy wrinkle releaser (in a spray bottle from the grocery store) to make this bed as smooth as a baby's bottom without any ironing!  I use it all the time, after I was asked to review this product from the manufacturer on my blog.  It is amazing at getting out wrinkles, and after the shoot I think everyone who witnessed it became a convert.
But I digress...I am headed to Marthas Vineyard with my parents for a few days and along the way I will be stopping at my friend Sandra's house.  Its on Cape Cod and was featured in the DECORATING magazine with me this past month.  I cannot wait to step inside, and I will grab a few shots to share after the visit.  Then it is onto the ferry and a rare visit to my parent's home.  Looking forward to spending some quality time with them.  We just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at my home with a small dinner party.
We were kind of a skeleton crew, missing two siblings and two of my sons and my daughter in law, but we managed to have a very lovely evening out in the courtyard and around the dinner table.
I bought this art glass vase from HomeGoods for the Newport photo shoot, but the homeowner decided to pass on it.  Well instead of returning it I thought it might make the perfect gift for my parents in honor of their 60th.  It should look great on Marthas Vineyard with its watery color feel.  And no flowers needed either, just place it on a table or chest for dramatic impact.
Lastly, I am busting out at the seams about is that this morning Justin texted me and in his understated way sent me a link to this:
He won BEST OF BOSTON  in the Home Boutique category!! OMG!!!
 I am sooo proud of him and all his accomplishments. 
 If you haven't been to Pioneer Goods Co yet, maybe its time for a visit.
 Open Wednesday through Sunday,  its the perfect way to spend this rainy Sunday, don't you think?
He also has an online shop for those of you not in the Boston area:

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Note: This post is partially sponsored by HomeGoods as part of my participation in their designer Pinterest board, Happy by Design.
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