Monday, July 6, 2015

Style Alert! Vintage Luxe Mod Rocks this Shingle Style Cape

 If you love great style in home decor, you are in for a treat! 
 I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Sandra's home in person
on my way to Martha's Vineyard last week.  Her home was also featured
 in DECORATING magazine by Matthew Mead.  So while I had seen it in print,
 it was even more terrific to get to walk into the pages of her amazing home.  
Sandra lives on Cape Cod with her husband, two kids and one fabulous dog, Scout.  
They bought an old cottage and basically did a rebuild, but saved as many
relevant items from the cottage, placing them thoughtfully throughout the house.
You would never know this is a new home as it has an authentic feel that
 would fool most anyone, all because of the deft hand and choices made 
by this dynamic designer.  Starting with the entryway, the white oak floors 
with a lime wash are so beachy and inviting. An old carved newel post Sandra
 found at a junk shop on the Cape found its true calling
when placed in the airy entrance of their beach house. 
 Lovely Scout met me at the door, and followed us around as Sandra
 gave me the tour.  This area is in the entrance to the right of the door, 
with a big basket holding rubber walking boots
that would come in handy at the end of the afternoon.  I was captivated by the
 room Scout was in, as I had seen Sandra's double dutch doors that were 
custom made by her brother.  A stone fireplace was made out of the rocks 
found on the property during the dismantling, and incredibly it also doubles 
as a pizza oven, as her husband loves making home made pizzas for the 
family and entertaining.  Yum! Sandra designed all the doorways and the windows
 which were a significant reason why the home had so much character.  
Keep your eyes open for them as we tour the home.
 The kitchen had modern cabinets that played second fiddle to the massive cement table with industrial chairs.  I loved everything about this room.  Was I becoming a convert to the vintage modern mix?  I noticed most of Sandra's light fixtures were old pieces, or parts of old pieces that she cobbled together in her unique and talented way, creating notable moments in every room.
 A long and lean old crystal light fixture hung low over the wicker seating area in front of the pizza oven.  One heart shaped stone that the family found at the beach is now permanently featured in their hand made stone fireplace. 
 Off the kitchen is a long room that holds both the dining area and the "formal" living room.
Here the dining area is a modern arrangement that is balanced out by the vintage chandelier and accessories. 
 Splitting the room in half to house the living room, all the upholstered pieces have a mod
vibe while the accessories are decidedly vintage. The beautiful window design was created by Sandra and then custom made for their home.  Really the best of both worlds, by combining muntins and open spaces. The coziness that muntins offer a home and the open glass spaces to take in the beach views unencumbered. 
 Most of the wood finishes in the house are a limewash or whitewash feel~worn and loved.  I happily followed Sandra around the house, trying to snap pics and take in what she was telling me.  I could have spent many more hours, as I was falling in love with her house, and the choices she had made to create such a compelling and beautiful story.  We went on to other rooms that although were secondary rooms, were still outfitted in the thoughtful and artful style that is all Sandra. 
 Her butler's pantry was saved from the old original cottage, and the cabinets 
were installed in a space right off the new kitchen.  Here she has showcased 
her collection of old silver pieces in a nod to their spot on Old Silver Beach.  
 Piles of old silver pieces mixed with cookbooks, and some blue and white 
transferware on the shelves in this charming pantry.  Sandra frames silver utensils 
on linen backdrops and lovely silver leaf frames.  
 A powder room wall has a collection of black and white photographs and mementos.  
 Sandra frames a lot of things that become beautiful pieces of artwork.
 She mixes them up with fragments or odd and unusual pieces that really make
 for a soulful home.  She doesn't use color, but favors all the natural tones
 from black to white and everything in between.  Lots of textures keep it interesting: 
rag rugs, wire and willow baskets, washed and worn woods all create lovely harmony.
A sunny sleeping room on the first floor houses two iron beds dressed 
with vintage linens and blankets.  Burlap and linen shades soften each window
 and one of Sandra's hand crafted chandeliers dances above the beds. 
She also makes enormous and artful wall clocks, like this one in their home office.
Witty wall art at its best.  
 After the house tour, Sandra's hubby made us a cappuccino to go along
 with a slice of delicious berry tart. I could get used to this....
 A quick tour of the grounds was next! 
 Sandra pulled on a pair of pink Hunter boots and tossed me a cream pair in the perfect size.  
How serendipitous. It was a misty day on the Cape, but I was excited to see the outside.
  Look at the facade~it looks like an original structure, doesn't it? 
 Here you can see  the lovely windows that Sandra designed. 
Just as she had done inside her home, Sandra had placed interesting and beautiful pieces
 strategically around her grounds.  I loved this twig bench. 
 Every piece she used outdoors had patina and style.
 And with that my exciting side trip came to an end, although I hope to be back... 
maybe next time it will be with an overnight bag for a girls weekend! 
How about it Sandra?

Follow Sandra on Facebook here and on Instagram @oldsilvershed to see lots more of her
amazing style and home. 

 If you would like to see Sandra's home (and mine)  in the DECORATING MAGAZINE, by Matthew Mead, you can order from the publisher by clicking here. 

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  1. I'm swooning over her house! I love everything about it. what a treat for you to get to tour it in person. I will definitely check out her social media so I can hopefully see more!

    1. Hi Kelly, I think you will love her feeds. She is talented and has great taste.

  2. Oh my gosh Amy, i absolutely love every single thing about this home! I wouldn't even know where to start to pick a favorite room or piece here. It is wonderful in every way. I love the way she mixes the modern and the vintage/rustic. ... and even the garden with the astillbe and hydrangeas and twig bench is perfect!


    1. I loved every detail too Cindy. Hope you are having a nice summer. xo

  3. I love every inch of this beautiful home - especially the guest room! Thanks for sharing it, Amy!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

    1. Sandra said its one of her most favs in the house too. It leads right onto a porch with an ocean view. oh boy!

  4. Her home is beautiful... loved the tour .. thank you Amy and Sandra!

  5. Your home is so beautiful a dream come true.


    1. This home belongs to Sandra Cavallo, although I wish it were mine La Fleur!

  6. Do you know paint color in the sleeping room?

    1. Carol I know she uses Farrow and Ball paints, but not sure of the color. You could ask her via her facebook page or on instagram if you have those programs.

  7. What a beautiful home!!! I love that she seems to surround herself with things that have meaning to her! Thanks for sharing!! I xo Leslie

  8. Gorgeous! I love the weathered, whitewash and natural elements like the twig bench and most of all the stone fireplace/pizza oven! I love wood fired pizza! I am rooting for you to get an invite back for a pizza night and can give us a close up of how this yummy combo fireplace works! Look at me thinking with my stomach haha!

  9. Sandra's home is so beautiful. Thanks for the tour, Amy. x


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