Thursday, October 22, 2015

A New York state of mind: Fame or Fortune?

Two of my favorite creatives met for lunch in New York this week. 
 Matthew Mead and Annie Sloan.  Wow. 
 I was invited to go to the city with Matthew but I am sadly chained to the house rearing the new puppy.  I would have really enjoyed this meeting, as I think very highly of them both.  Annie inspired me so much that I opened shops to sell her paint and dedicated three years of my life doing so.  Most people know me in relation to her incredible Chalk Paint.  Shortly before I closed my store, I met and became friendly with superstar designer, author, publisher, editor, lifestyle guru Matthew Mead. 
 He has become a very close friend and we have engaged in many collaborative projects, with some new ideas in the works.
To learn more about this guy,  Matthew Mead, here is a terrific short video about him.
A talented man influenced by his mom.  Watch this video.  Compelling.
I feel I influenced my own son, exposing him to a lifetime of mixing business with art and design.
He has traveled further along down his own road now, and its been satisfying to watch. 
There were other interesting and amazing meetings that happened this week before Annie and Matthew met for the first time over lunch.  My son, Justin Power, was selected by a NYC producer to come shoot some segments for a potential design television show!  So he headed to the big city and it turns out they asked Annie Sloan to shoot segments as well as another Annie Sloan stockist from Kentucky, the talented Liz Brantley, of Liz Douglas Designs. 
 Here is a behind the scenes photo of Justin (before hair and makeup) flanked by Annie Sloan and Liz Brantley (after hair and makeup) and then on the left was a New York stockist, Amanda Preppard of Suite Pieces, who shot a segment, and Annie's sweet daughter in law, Lizzy Brown (R).  
Justin getting his makeup done...
(He is going to kill me for putting these photos on the blog.) 
 I would ask him, whats going on now??  (and then I would get a pic, haha)
I was stuck at home doing doggy care while he was being Mr. Hollywood! 
I mean I just turned down a six day HomeGoods photo shoot as their stylist. UGH.
 I was thrilled for Justin.  
Would he get discovered on a bigger platform and then everyone could see how talented he is? 
That is what I am hoping for of course.  And what I think will happen....
That night after the shooting, Annie Sloan had a book signing at a very hip shop, Verdigreen, located in New York's East Village.  Its so rare when Annie comes to the US and even more rare when she gets a chance to step inside one of her own stockist's shops.  
Word got out that Annie would be there and 
there was a large gathering there to welcome and toast her.
 Annie looked radiant coming from her tv shoot. Excited and adorable owner, stockist, Azie Shelhorse, beaming that Annie was in her very own shop.
 I've said it a million times, little business are so hard to pull off, and nobody works harder than independent retailers, like Azie and my son Justin, at his shop in Boston, Pioneer Goods.  These celebrations are lovely recognition, and it helps to drive more business to their shops, hopefully.
The same night that Justin was shooting his tv thing, and Annie was having her book signing,  there was also a book launch party for designer Tricia Foley, that Matthew was invited to.
Tricia is known for her white on white color palette and restful country home, which is the subject
of her new book, Life|Style.  I had preordered it so I got it when it was hot off the presses two weeks ago.  It is truly inspiring and got me thinking of emulating this simpler life style.
Matthew Mead has some of his stellar photography in her book.  As a matter of fact he thinks she 
is really amazing and tracked her down years ago. 
This video above was produced by Matthew when he visited Tricia in her Long Island, NY home.
Seeing people on video really gets to the heart of them, so if you are interested have a look. 
This week more than ever, I am struck by the fact that some people in my circles, the ones that follow a life path based upon their creative abilities, find validation in many forms like being published, or having their shops receive "Best of" awards....yet it hasn't translated into financial success or security for them.  It has been so interesting to see how some in this field can get leverage and find super success while others, equally talented,  are still working on gaining traction as far as the financial pay off where their creativity translates into the almighty dollar.  Tough to do, but certainly very possible, especially when their talent is through the roof.  Its a frustrating fact in this industry, and why I am happy to see good things happening right now.  I am encouraged when I see those who have success helping others find the same.  
Since I shared some videos, here is one of three that Wagner produced highlighting
me and Matthew doing our thing with their new sprayer.  
We look so profesh!! 
These videos are a work of art!!  You have to check them out!
Here is another one of our videos showing us painting chairs. I HATED painting chairs.
 I think I like this one best.  
Now know that we are  filming in 100 degrees inside his warehouse. 
 I think we did amazing, and look cool calm and collected!
My only regret is that I didn't start my Whole30 diet plan before I filmed
as I would have lost ten pounds and looked a little more Hollywood. Hahah!!
So while all these peeps were doing glamorous things this week, like book signings,
 and shooting tv pilots, and rubbing elbows with the NY jet set and drinking champagne,
I stayed home to rear Colby, my intrepid little pup.  
And cook dinner.  And do laundry.
But do not fear, I can't help but dream my creative dreams too.  
I have been working on some neat projects with the amazing Matthew Mead.
Now all I have to do is get this dog trained. 

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