Friday, October 9, 2015


 Its mid October and finally feeling like fall.  
I styled this elegant center entrance colonial during the summer for
 HomeGoods and these are the professional photos from the shoot.
 White lanterns, instead of the traditional black, 
make a unique statement with faux and real pumpkins.  
 The porch was cozy and cheery with all the white and orange. 
 My front porch is very small but I have mums, pumpkins
 and a wreath to create a seasonal entryway.
You can spy the vintage cast iron urn I used in the HomeGoods shoot in the first photo 
of this blog post.  Birch logs filled the urn for the shoot.  
Classic urns are wonderful for decorating most any season outdoors. 
 Use your imagination!  I even use my urns indoors sometimes...
A kitchen display for apples was Matthew Mead's great idea.
In fact he is full of innovative ideas, and you can feast your eyes on the amazing
fall decorating ideas he has in the latest issue of his FINISH magazine.
 Click on the link and you will read this magazine right at your laptop or your mobile phone.
Don't miss this issue, its truly filled to the brim with great and inexpensive decorating ideas for fall.
He also reveals my Design studio at my home in this issue of FINISH.  
A funny back story is that I didn't realize he was going to shoot ME, using the sprayer, and there I was on this hot summer day in my understated Bermuda shorts and my son's tshirt. 
 I figured we would be moving and lugging props so I dressed like a bum.  
Well its all right there in the latest issue.  Sometimes you just gotta roll with it.
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  1. What a great styling job! And that Matthew ,always full of ideas!

  2. LOL- Oh, Amy. That is something like would happen to me. One day I was scrounging around in ratty old clothes and my daughter brings her friend (from work-dressed to the nines) to see our house. I wanted to beat her-my daughter-not the friend. lol

    Your home is just gorgeous and I will go look for that magazine. Love it, Ames!!!!! Look how far you have come even since I have known you. I am so proud of you!!!!! xo Diana

    1. The magazine is digital so all you have to do is click on the link to read it Diana. There are fun projects for you to do with your grand daughters, like how he took an old plastic doll house and sprayed it black and made an enchanting haunted house! The girls would love that.

  3. Can you come to my house and make it inviting for the holidays!! Congratulations on the magazine spread!!! Awesome!!! xo Leslie

  4. I love that you used the white lanterns! The whole front porch is perfectly fall perfect! Linda


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