Saturday, October 31, 2015

Silvery French Chairs

 Metallics are super hot in home decor right now.  Luckily I have a 
connection with a guy who has launched his own line of metallic paints.
Matthew Mead Studio Metallics are acrylic metallic finishes that need no other
sealant...just paint and you are done! 
The dining room is currently a construction site as we just put
some French doors in a spot where there once was a window.
So while I wait for the trim and the wall to be finished I set out to 
paint my french dining chairs.  Using a simple chip brush I put 
one coat of the Silver Studio Metallic over the Old White Chalk Paint
that used to be on them.  They were never finished with wax so I could
go right ahead and paint.  If you plan to do this over waxed furniture, remove
the wax with  a cloth and some mineral spirits, then paint. I liked the effect I got
using the chip brush because the paint has some substance, and so it looked a bit
like a strie finish.  I loved how they came out!  
 I recovered all the chairs with drop cloths and used an upholstering nail gun
 to do so which made it a breeze.  All of this was only accomplished because Colby
 went with his dad on a trip one day recently giving me time to whip out this project.
Seat cushions are usually on hard compressed boards that make
 regular staple guns ineffective.  Air compressors are the way to go!
The french doors are in, the trim will be done, and then I can get to doing a few decorating changes that I am excited about.  Mr. Maison Decor worked on the interior framing this week so there is progress (this pic is from two weeks ago).  When its finished I will be more than on it to show it off to you.
So goodbye to the fun purple and green fabric and the distressed white woodwork.
Matthew Mead's Studio Metallics are sold at Fusion Paint dealers
 if you are looking for some terrific metallic paints. 
This is the same paint that I used to paint the interior of my work room studio cabinet in Pale Gold.
Aren't they yummy?  
Speaking of Matthew Mead, all the people in his two latest mags got together for a reunion party on 
Cape Cod at Sandra's house.  She was in the same issue with me.  Matthew took these pics and I 
think his collages are so amazing, they really give the vibe of the gathering.
It was a beautiful party, and some of us even slept over (including me and hubs).
A night to remember....thanks Sandra and Phil for hosting.
And finally, Happy Hallows Eve to my readers! 
 Signing off with a shot of Colby, who is growing like a weed.  
He is going to be modeling for a dog catalogue, haah! 
 Since its halloween his costume is the devil in disguise.  

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  1. So excited to see what you are up to! Always inspired here.



  2. Your chairs came out beautifully, Amy! I need to get some of this paint. I'd love to paint my fabric cabinet - which is currently a denim blue - with touches of that dark goldy bronze color, and maybe do some Moroccan stenciling on it. ;) I'll have to look online to see where I can find a Fusion dealer who sells it.

    I can hardly wait to see your transformed dining room. Those French doors make the room look and feel so much larger, don't they? :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. the silver chairs, Amy! Wow---amazing what a little silver can do! Looks like you all had a good time on Cape Cod and glad you enjoyed it so much.
    Colby is so darned cute! xo Diana

  4. Ooh, I would not expect to like the metallic,but I do! Beautiful. Love the french doors too!

  5. I love the metallic...and enjoyed the collage of very talented ladies!!!

  6. LOVE the transformation! Thanks for sharing.
    So many brown chairs in the world can now have a second chance!
    Kiss that Colby baby for me. TOO CUTE!

  7. If painting over a wood or laminate surface, would one need to prime? Specifically, I'm thinking of my builder grade oak bathroom vanity...doing my first big chalk paint project this week and reviewing the notes from your class every day! Two days painting, waxed yesterday, buff today!

    1. No priming needed if using Annie's paint. Good luck!


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