Thursday, November 12, 2015

Classic Christmas Tree Magic

This is the first time I have ever decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  Two reasons being, one is that Justin and Madison are hosting Thanksgiving this year (that and our dining room is still not finished), and the second reason is I got a Tree Classics Christmas tree to review!  For the last several years I have been wanting to get a fake tree, simply because they are a lot easier to maintain and these days look just as realistic as any tree off of a farm lot.  It arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with the red and green Tree Classics logo.  It was a two piece tree that all you had to do was "snap" together and plug it in.  Ready for decorating!!  Since I started so early I may do a few different looks for the tree as there are so many ways I love to decorate Christmas trees.  For this post I decided to do the tree in an "heirloom shabby chic" style, pulling out all my antique and vintage glass balls and using beautiful french blue satin ribbons.
 The handsome 7.5' Hyde Park Pine Snap Classic tree  with clear lights is decked out in glass balls that we have collected over the years. This tree is so realistic, even my husband said the only way he could tell it was a faux tree was to look at the base, as it is on wheels so you can roll it around to where you think it looks best with ease.  I had this tree set up in ten minutes flat!  Lights included, so it was truly a joy and all that was waiting was to do the fun part, decorate it!
 A few simple touches around the room include scented cinnamon pine cones
 on an old transfer ware platter and a thin satin blue ribbon for my
 potted boxwood topiary that I got at my son's shop.
 A collection of vintage pink ornaments and lambs ears along with a few faux roses
 and tiny bottle brush trees are decorated with more satin ribbon to tie
 it together with the theme of the tree.
Tree Classics also has beautiful hand painted ornaments, like the gold trellis design, 
which I was thrilled to add to our lifetime collection.  Tree skirts and ornaments and 
other delights for the holiday season can be found at
My living room went from everyday to holiday magic in a flash
 because of the simplicity of this tree design.  Let me show you how easy it was to assemble.
 My "everyday look" in the living room these days revolve around puppy care for Colby,
 our three month old pitbull pup.  Normally he hangs out in front of the fireplace with his collection of toys and old plastic garden pots, his current favorite.  I brought the tree into the living room and as I said it is in two pieces.  The top is sitting on the couch and the base of the tree has been snapped into the rolling stand.  You need to separate the branches and do some fluffing so that the tree is full and balanced.  
 My little wide eyed friend was a good boy and seemed to have little interest
 in the tree which was a major surprise to me, and one I am truly grateful for. 
 Needless to say, I did not decorate the bottom branches as I didn't want to tempt fate.
 The tree is pre-lit and after I snapped it upright in the stand,
 I plugged it in to make sure it was working.  
The color of the bulbs are nice and warm,
 not that harsh white bright light that some pre-lit trees have. 
You can see where I need to fluff out the branches so that the tree 
can get it's perfect shape.
Next came the top section, I just plopped it into the bottom section 
and it instantly lit up too!  After some fluffing out of the branches, 
it looked nice and full and beautiful just standing there without any ornaments.
I was impressed and excited, this was the easiest Christmas tree set up I had
ever been involved with. Its usually a huge procedure to just get the lights on,
after you struggle trying to get the tree to stand up securely in it's stand.
I am in love with our new tree! 
 It's made my life so much easier, and the holidays ahead will be much less of a hassle.
 I know I won't miss sweeping up falling needles and watering my tree everyday.  
 Take a look for yourself and compare prices if you are considering 
a good quality faux Christmas tree this season at Tree Classics. 
 So many styles of trees to choose from, it will be hard to pick a fave! 
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