Saturday, October 29, 2016

A French Provincial Love Story

I've always had a thing for French Provincial furniture.
But our house is quite full, and I swear I really wasn't looking for more.
But then something happened and I had to rethink my full house situation. 
Take a peek at the far end of our dining room.
I wasn't looking for a little writing desk....
But it seems she must have been looking for me.
 When I happened upon her at an antique market, she instantly turned my head.
We both felt the same way about each other, and I told this little desk I would find a way. 
After all, she's got little drawers lined in pretty paper.  
And the cutest little drawer pulls with the wavy french shape 
that is a hallmark of French Provincial style.
 She's got the criss cross wire grill inserts on the center cubby doors 
just in case I needed more to make me fall in love with her.
The finish is that perfect shade of old enough brown.
And the writing desk surface lined with leather and gilt design slides out
about a foot to make writing a bit easier.
Her matching carved chair had extra carvings that I couldn't resist, 
from the back splat to the chair stretcher.  The rush seat was still tight and tidy 
and not a loose joint could be found.
 So yes, my little desk, I will take you home with me. 
 If you don't mind living in the dining room I think we could all be quite happy. 
And so thats what we did with our new little darling.
And we plan to live happily ever after.

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