Saturday, October 1, 2016

French Labels: an easy DIY transfer method

Creating a custom look for your candles and glass containers is what this post is about today.
I had a lovely lantern and some flameless candles that I wanted to customize.  After discovering an easy tutorial, I just had to share with my readers how very simple this idea actually is.  I love easy methods with great results! The method is known as "transfer" because you transfer an image onto something else.
 1. Print Your Graphics
What is really cool about this method, is that you don't need anything special to do it.
Visit the Graphics Fairy (link at end) to find a label or graphic you want to use and then print it out on a laser printer (not ink jet). You need basic packing tape, in clear cellophane.  I used ordinary weight tape, not heavy duty as the tutorial I found suggested, and my results were great.
2. Put packing tape over your graphic
After you print your graphic label, put a piece of packing tape over it, placing it onto the paper as smoothly as you can.
3. Burnish your label/graphic
A strip of the tape was applied right over this label. (I printed out labels that would fit on the 3" wide packing tape.  But you can print out bigger sizes and just apply several strips of tape.)  Then, using a wooden spoon, rub over the graphics with good pressure, so that the tape is smooth and that the graphic will "transfer" easily.
4. Cut out your labels
5. Soak your label/graphic
In a bowl of hot water, soak the labels for 2-3 minutes.
6. Rub paper off the label
The white paper will easily rub off with your fingers.  You can put back in the water to remove more paper until you get it all off.  Any white paper left behind will transfer onto the surface.  For example, a white candle might not show it, but clear glass will, so try to remove all the white paper.
 7.  Dry the labels
Lay them sticky tape side up to air dry on a flat surface. Make sure they do not overlap or they will stick to each other and you will have to start over (Like I did. Grrrr.)

8. Apply the labels
When the label/tape is dry, the stickiness of the tape magically returns!  Apply the label decal to anything you want.  I loved the effect of putting it on the glass lantern.
 The candles with the labels look so good!
 Imagine the possibilities~you can personalize weddings or birthdays or other events in addition to just creating pretty home decor.  You can make labels and decorative graphics for so many things!
I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial.
Visit Graphics Fairy for labels here.
View the Packing Tape Transfer tutorial  I found here. You will see other great options for transferring with this easy method.

Here is the French style lantern decorated for Christmas,
it looks so pretty, and the labels really enhanced it's beauty.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. Your lantern and candles look fantastic!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah it has to be laser printer...but you can always send them to Kinkos or Fedex to get printed up if you really wanted to do a project using this method.

  3. Does the tape stay on label or do you peal the tape off the label? Letters) hope not a dumb question. Have cold and maybe not understanding well.

    1. The tape becomes the label that holds the graphics. So in essence you are applying the tape with the words over your item Marie.

  4., love this!!!....The candle look fantastic....and love Karen, The Graphic Fairy!

    1. She has such a great website and freebies for customers!

  5. What a wonderful tutorial. This is really great because around the holidays for teachers gifts and bus drivers and so on you can get cheap candles and make them look expensive. Thank you for sharing

    1. More great ideas! I think you could personalize party items or monogram items and do all kinds of neat things.

  6. Love this technique.
    Aways enjoy your posts!

  7. So cool! Love this idea! Thanks for sharing it, Amy!

    xoxo laurie

  8. This is great, Amy!! Who knew packing tape would work so well!? Definitely going to try this- thanks for the thorough and very clear tutorial : )

  9. Now I have to try this.
    Your candles and lamp turned out nice.
    Linda C in Seattle


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