Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Rustic Classical Thanksgiving Table

It's a pleasure to be joining a talented group of design bloggers 
with table settings for Thanksgiving.  
How many times do you do the same thing, every year?
Well this group may give you some ideas about switching it up!
My Thanksgiving table came together quite naturally this year.
It centered on one big beautiful thing.
My inspiration point for the table setting was a classical urn that I found 
recently at the wonderful SOWA Antique Market in Boston.
You can make your own table centerpiece using a 
beautiful soup tureen or a large vessel like a planter or an urn.
To dress this table up, I could have started with a white tablecloth, 
but I loved the look of the fancy urn against the rustic wood table planks. 
A bunch of wheat (that is actually in a self contained pot) was plunked inside the urn,
and then I filled in the edges with cuttings from one of the mums I had outside.
You can see the beginnings of my table above.  The urn without the mums yet,
and the table with just white baby boos and no individual flowers for the settings.
It's nice, but lacking keep layering until its pretty but not cluttered.
 Each place setting got a special touch with individual antique purple
 glass vessels, holding one sprig.  It is simple and pretty. 
As you may know, I always shop my yard or my home to create special looks.

The sparkle of silver and gold, and farm stand pumpkins and flowers
 create the perfect mix of refined and rustic decor that I prefer.
 Ignore traditional thinking and set your table 
with what appeals to your own personal style.
Use your favorite heirloom pieces to create a table all your own.
This could be my most favorite Thanksgiving table ever!
Don't forget to visit my blogger friends homes to see what
kind of tables they have come up with.  
You will be sure to be inspired.

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