Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Success

 This year's Thanksgiving was at our house.  It was a more moderate 
affair, as we didn't have all the "kids" around the table. But we did have my
parents, both who were ready to fly to Florida the next day, being the snow birds they are.
A 15 pounder was prepped, and into the oven it went.  Then mom and sister Ellen arrived
and us girls took over the kitchen and whipped up the fixings for the dinner.
It was such fun, and I count my blessings to spend it with them.
 A tidy group of 8, we all sat around one table and enjoyed the meal 
after Dad said grace.  The day was a success, from the food to the company.
Not one I will soon forget...
 The following day my attention shifted to Christmas decorating, as I don't go 
out into the Friday shopping madness that seem to attract many.
And I might mention that I am thankful that I don't personally have the burden
anymore of worrying about Small Business Saturday. 
 Those were stressful times, being a shop keeper. 
 I am a true crusader of buying from the independents.
However I feel that Christmas is more about setting a mood with 
the holiday decorations,  hosting little get togethers and parties 
and creating moments like sharing holiday movies and 
wearing matching PJs, not about gifts and more stuff.
Our living room tree is just about done, and it looks beautiful.
This year we are having two trees, one with a traditional color scheme
and this one, which is a softer palette that goes with our living room.
Both of my trees are Snap Trees from Tree Classics, and they are 
fantastic pre lit fakes.  I can enjoy the season for many extra weeks!
I will be sharing more as the days go on...but for now I am 
thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving with my healthy mom and dad,
and my awesome sweet husband and kids.  Missing son Justin and wife Madison
who are with Taylor celebrating her one year anniversary with her new heart.
And that is the best!! year I hope I can stuff everybody around our table!
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  1. Looks like a lovely holiday and the tree is gorgeous, Amy! Of course, I love the soft colors so it really speaks to me... :-) What I was most struck with in your post is that you cooked together with your family after they arrived. I would love to learn from this relaxed custom because I'm always so stressed having to plate every last hors d'oeuvre before everyone arrives. Some day I will learn to relax and just spend time. Love the warm feeling of your post!

    1. Well we mostly cooked before hand and then assembled it all together at my house. Putting things to keep warm in the oven, and then I had to make gravy and all that kind of thing. But it was relaxed...and if its family that should be easy.

  2. What height is your snap tree? On their site it looks like they don't make them over nine feet. Yours looks nice. Glad to hear you had a lovely turkey day with family.

    1. Hi Swede, Yes they do make them in nine foot height, in Snap Tree style, with different styles of trees to pick from. Scroll down and look through this link at all the 8-9 footers and check for the Snaps.

  3. I have followed you but never commented. I love your decor and ideas (that's why I follow you, of course:) Most important, I'm glad you showed thanksgiving with your family. My larger family no longer shares gatherings together anymore and it's very sad. There's only 1 or 2 that will come together (sometimes). It fills my heart with joy to see your family at the table together. Blessing to you and yours.


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