Monday, November 7, 2016

Gilt Fauteuil like Marie Antoinette's

This antique gilded French fauteuil is the centerpiece in our bathroom.  
I was going to upholster it, and someday I will finally get to that project.  
For now we use it as a towel caddy or toss our robes over it.
 Fauteuil is an armchair with a wooden frame with exposed sides and upholstered arms.
This chair style originated in France in the early 17th century.  
Marie Antoinette had tons of them all around her palaces.
So its not really a surprise I am attracted to it!
It has the original gilt finish and it looks quite regal, with its frame exposed.
One I photographed at Marie's palace bedroom in Versaille is below.

This one is right next to her bed.  She probably never sat in it, as it was likely
for her lady in waiting.  (Of course most of these pieces are reproductions so no one
from the high court sat in it!) Its quite beautiful, note the upholstered arms, and open sides.
I think mine is just as fancy, if you care to compare!
As you must know by now, I love most things with French style.
 The other French touches in the bathroom are the closet doors I 
added molding to a few years ago.  Recently the bath got a mini update
with the addition of a new countertop in an ocean aqua quartz.
That spurred a new color scheme of white and blue.
I painted the cabinetry in a pale aqua blue to play up the colors in the quartzite
 and then added a few blue crystals to the chandeliers above.  
A vintage dressing stool I did over in pink might get a makeover someday.
But for now it sits in the dressing corner next to the tub.
An old fashioned lingerie chest is a new addition and it 
tucks into this corner near my dressing table like it was meant to be.
A Craigslist hunt turned up this chest, and as many of you know, 
furniture does not hold its value, and you can find just about anything
you need or want on Craigslist, including deals on furniture.

 Gigantic blue and gold tiebacks hold back some contemporary panels
at the window.  
When it comes time to upholster this beautiful beast,
I have been thinking of a powder blue velvet.  Not aqua or 
robins egg blue, just a perfect powder blue.

 photo signature_zpsxi5q1w6r.png


  1. Lovely! You have a good eye!
    I think an armchair like that is a subcategory called a cabriolet, which is the same term used for convertible cars. I haven't explored the etymology of that one. They (chairs, not cars) were made to accommodate the big dresses of the time (why the sides are open).
    And your chest of drawers is called a chiffonier, which comes from the word chiffon, or a rag. It was the place where women stored their needlework. Somehow, the word turned into a verb means to wrinkle! (and facial wrinkles (rides) are not the same as clothing wrinkles--chiffoner or froisser)
    More than you wanted to know....
    Love your photos!!

  2. What a great piece. I think it would be beautiful in that pure powder blue. It would be gorgeous. Love the lines of it. Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

  3. Amy, Amy, Amy, that chair makes my heart skip a beat!! It is gorgeous as is, and will be a stunner when you get it upholstered in the powder blue velvet. Love it!

  4. Oh I love that chair. It looks fantastic
    Hugs from here

  5. Love that gorgeous chair and yes a powder blue velvet would be gorgeous!


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