Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Easter ideas from yesteryear, Silver baby cups and its a Girl!

A few years back, an Easter table set with my favorite blue opaline glasses and 
little silver baby cups at each table setting, on top of an old embroidered cloth 
I was given from my mom and dad.

One of my favorite Easter ideas was to reinvent baby cups into
 a mini Easter baskets at each table setting.  I had cups for my sons, and then
started collecting them over the years, and they are good for so many things.
Filling them with garden herbs for the kitchen window is another way I use
these cups year round.   The cup above has my son Justin's monogram.
He was my first born, and I am beyond excited to announce that he and Madison
will be having their first baby in June, making me a grandmother! 
 After they married, I bought a tiny sterling baby cup at auction, hoping one
day they would start a family.  
Well it is almost that time, and I cannot wait
to meet this little girl.  Yes, its a girl!!  More to come on this front, and in 
particular, I will be hosting a cozy baby shower in the French Courtyard.
Speaking of the courtyard, I was just sent a preview copy of the
by Lifestyle Guru and pal, Matthew Mead.  My name is even on the cover!! 
It will be available on April 25, 2017 on news stands and in book stores, 
and let me tell you, it should be on your must have list if you are
 an outdoor lifestyler and gardener, as I am.  
Spectacular is the word!!
 Now I want to share some other simple Easter ideas from years past. 
 How about a bunch of carrots from the supermarket for a table centerpiece? 
 This had a happy garden style about it.
 A more elegant take on Easter involves a white table cloth and a simpler color palette.
An arrangement of white tulips and some moss and ivy also brings fancy garden style.
 This centerpiece was cobbled together using some spring hyacinth 
and painted blown eggs put in a bark log trough.  
Any pastels make things feel "Eastery", 
and the blue opaline and nesting hen did just that.
French style paper cocktail napkins were decoupaged onto a store bought wreath to give it
 that French flair I prefer.  That was a two minute DIY and the possibilities are endless.
Vintage type of decorations and these whimsical egg garlands can be found in 
so many shops these days.  I remember my dad used to pick up paper decorations at
the local gift card shop selling Hallmark products.  Year after year, we would set up the same
paper decorations on our table, and it was always something I looked forward to doing, setting
up those few decorations.   These days, people are bombarded with clever and pretty ideas to make each year a little more  special and unique.  But I will always remember how dad and mom did 
things, and that is what family traditions are all about.  It may be time to hand over Justin's baby cup so he can start his own collection and his own traditions with little girl baby on the way.

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