Friday, March 31, 2017

Easy and Spectacular: All White Easter

 Stunningly simple, and yet spectacular, an all white Easter table is 
easy to create and most impressive.  These amazing ideas come from my
creative friend, Matthew Mead.  I really wish he was still blogging, but since he isn't,
I thought it would be fun to put these ideas all together for him in my blog!
(Thanks M)
Get ready to be inspired to steal some of his great ideas
for your spring or Easter table.   White, white and more white!!
The opening image may be my favorite idea:
White asparagus surrounds a white pillar candle, secured with white ribbon.  
 Frost a cake with whipped cream frosting and top with Ferrero Raffaello Coconut Candies
to conjure up cotton tails!  Set on a white pedestal cake stand to impress. 
If you don't have white, use clear glass to keep the palette clean.
 Not hosting Easter?  Bring this to your hostess:
  A white bakery box holds an array of Easter goodies
 all nestled in a section of egg crate cut to fit the box. 
 A simple and charming idea to set at each table setting:  
a broken eggshell used as a vase for a single flower.  
 Little paper cutout bunny silhouettes glued to toothpicks are inserted into lemon cupcakes, frosted with sugar and white sprinkles. Use as place settings by inscribing names on each bunny.
Print out a bunny template like this on card stock
 and then use for a table centerpiece or menu card.

 White carnations make whimsical cotton tails.
Print the menu on the bunny template and add your carnation cotton tail, 
and dress up the white dinner plates. 
 (Matthew told me he cut each card out using tiny sharp scissors.)  
 Speaking of cotton tails, a pile of creme puffs sprinkled with 
confectioners sugar makes a cute reference to Peter Cottontail.  
 More paper cutouts, or vintage looking Easter bunny decorations
 are tucked into flower frogs, painted white for the occasion.  
 Lemon cookies from Trader Joes get the Easter treatment with a sprinkle 
of confectioner's sugar through small stencils.  I love this idea, and I can imagine 
these cookies at a First Communion party as well as at an Easter table.

 Another wonderful way to use stencils and sugar, 
this time on a store bought pound cake!
Find an array of stencils at shops like Michaels or Joanns.
Simply unwrap a white chocolate rabbit or two, and arrange on a white tablecloth
 with some white eggs and candies.  Tuck a few white tulips or hyacinth 
inside of juice glasses.  Brilliant!
A large clear egg from a craft store is a magical way to present an 
old fashioned and romantic Easter gift to a special loved one.
Think WHITE this Easter, and follow Matthew Mead's easy ideas 
for an unforgettable table to share with your family and friends.
To see even more White Easter Ideas, visit his Pinterest page here
Note: All photos property of Matthew Mead
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