Thursday, March 29, 2018

An aged pastoral painting inside the piano and Reeve

My French Piano and a slice of life. 
 Last post I showed off how I painted the exterior of the piano with stamps and a pattern to give it a toile effect.  But I still was unsure how I wanted to finish the interior to give it even more of a French look.   I had a few days in a row off from watching baby Reeve, and I decided to tackle the piano.  The thought of putting a pastoral landscape for the interior came to me as I went to sleep that night, as often many creative ideas do.  The next morning I got up and took the piano lid off its hinges and started to paint a landscape similar to the few that I have been painting around our home.
This pastoral landscape, my largest, was painted on a big canvas.  
Searching for the landscapes that I have painted to show you, I realize I 
may not have posted on them at all, so look for that post shortly.
Back to the piano...
I unloaded the cans of Annie Sloan paint I had and started to paint a scene
 from my imagination.  After painting the landscape, I brushed white paint 
over the whole thing to give it a dreamy look.
The painting took me about four hours and I was thrilled with the results.
It was soft and elegant and old looking, something out of an old painting from
 the French countryside.  It is really pretty now that it is all finished! 
I wasn't sure if I should gild the edges, but for now I don't feel it....
and I always say: Doubt means Don't.  At least for now.
 My life is more balanced towards a family life these days, and when I get a chance
to do something creative its all the more enjoyable and special.
Reeve is nine months old and is such a JOY!
The weather has just started to creep into the fifties in Boston, and you can see the baby
carriage in the dining room all ready for afternoon walks with Piper.
 Piper and Reeve are such a great pair! 
 They both look forward to being together, and they are side by side most of the day. 
 Piper is so gentle, and its true that Goldens are great with kids!

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  1. Your piano turned out beautiful Amy. Love the pictures of Piper and Reeve.

  2. While I LOVE your piano I am just smitten with that baby. She is just a beautiful little girl and I know you cherish every smile and watch every little move with awe and wonder.
    Have a wonderful, blessed Easter with your family, Amy. Love to you- xo Diana

  3. What a beautiful job... And I'm not just talking about the piano! Reeve and Piper are gorgeous! I admire your talent and courage! Thank you for sharing with us, Wanda

  4. Piper's like, "You gonna finish that?"
    Meanwhile, your pastoral paintings are wonderful!
    I majored in art in college, so I love seeing artists' creations.
    Your work is a lot like the Impressionists', don't you think?

  5. Mmmmmmm...Love the dreamy effect! Love the painting. I also love that you do your 'thing' right where it is! That's me too.But I always have to make sure hubs isn't around. He'd throw a fit if I dont take it to the garage or outside when painting everything. ugh.... beautiful work. :) TFS!

  6. Love all of it Amy, baby, painting, pup! You are so brave to take a paint where you are approach, especially on a natural fiber rug, and especially with Piper roaming around. Great results.

  7. Amy, this must be even more beautiful in person. You are one talented lady. Reeve is adorable. Piper's head on the chest, PRICELESS

    Have a super weekend


  8. Your granddaughter is precious. I babysit my grandchildren - what a great joy! Your piano is a magnificent thing! Very creative. Fits your home perfectly.

  9. Awww, great pics of Reeve and Piper. 😘

  10. I cannot believe that you did that painting in 4 hours! LOVE it!....and Hello Baby Reeve and Piper! What great special friends they will be for years to come...Temps rising? ... Does that mean lake time soon?


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