Monday, December 17, 2018

The Merriment of Christmas Crackers

Christmas is closing in quickly, and this year I am taking a bit
of a different strategy. Less about gifts and more about the 
fun that Christmas can bring when you get together with your family and friends.
For our family, we have always had such fun with the simplest of 
things, the Christmas Cracker.  I am stacking lots of the festive
crackers in my silver punch bowl so party goers can help themselves!
Inside the cracker is a paper party hat in the shape
of a crown along with a toy or a joke.  The laughs start
as soon as the crowns are donned, and in our family, our
heads tend to run large, so many times we have a split crown 
that needs a little tape to keep it together.  
It is one of my favorite things we do at Christmas.
If you have never tried them, you can find them in many colors
and patterns at HomeGoods or Marshalls.  
With two parties at our home this week, I have to run out and buy
some more today.  And get a few stocking stuffers.
Hope your holiday season is bright and happy and 
you find yourself without the dreaded flu or cold.  Its 
been running around here and I am keeping my fingers crossed
we will all be healthy for Christmas.
Baby Reeve will be coming and I can imagine us having to 
give her little paper crown a tuck so it fits.
Happy Christmas to all!

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Hand painted French Bedroom set for the Dollhouse

 A pretty handpainted white French style bedroom set arrived after I searched 
high and low for something that had the style I was after~
it had to be French looking, it had to be pretty, and if it had 
 a touch of whimsy or fancy or gilded...then I am all in!  
 Lets go into the Master bedroom! 
Up the staircase and past the fancy 
Very Versailles mini-dollhouse in the hallway....
Starting to get a peek at the new bedroom set! 
Its white with green trim and painted flowers and pink toile bedding!
 A large mirrored armoire with door takes center stage as soon as you enter.
 The doors open to reveal a closet pole in the center, 
and shelves on the left and right
sides for pocketbooks and shoes, or folded sweaters.
This pretty bed is embellished with painted flowers and gilded touches.
It was a reasonable price I suspect because it had the most hideous bedspread
on it with equally ugly pillows that someone had glued to the headboard. The
seller cautioned that she was fearful to remove them for fear of damaging the bed.
I took the chance and they pulled off quite easily.  I took an iron and a paper towel
to remove more bits of glue, which worked quite well.  Next I made a toile bed
coverlet out of a green and pink toile placemat I had made many years ago, and laid 
it across the bed.  I added a bit of green pom pom trim after cutting off the poms
around the pink satin pillow it came with, and then glued two poms on the end of 
the pink lace bolster, also included in the set.  The ugly burgundy floral coverlet and
pillows will never been seen again, and the entire bed looked glorious once those simple
adjustments were made.  I almost couldn't believe my good fortune on getting
 this 3 piece bedroom set at such a great price! It pays to hunt and hunt.
 A sweet night table sits next to the bed with a pink French phone, 
a teeny Eiffel Tower statue, and a bottle of perfume. I still need to do the moldings
in this room, and many others, but the decorating part is sooo much fun, I cannot resist.
 The vibe of the house is coming together, as I slowly select the right pieces for it.  
That is what is so much fun about doing a dollhouse project.  One can create a world
with a certain style by being selective and picking marvelous things from vendors around
the world in line shops, or by making some things oneself.  I guess I am more in the modifying
of existing pieces to achieve the look I am after.  
French. Whimsical. Pretty. Fancy. Personal. 
That is my qualifier when looking for things for my dollhouse.
 Winter has come to the Mini Maison, and it snowed the other night.  
Luckily the rooftop terrace had been decorated for Christmas, 
with red ribbons on the green filled urns, as 
well as an iron gazebo put over the birdbath for a fancy touch.
Oh my, someone left the garden door open! All the cold air
will be swooshing through the Maison!  One new thing on
its way, is a French window for the big wall space to the right
of the doors.  It will peek into the potting room and I can't
way to start "construction" on the house to get it in place!
And of course Christmas decorating is in full swing too,
I hope you are enjoying your holiday season!

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Monday, December 3, 2018

A Feather Tree in a silver bowl and Ancestry pursuits

A Feather tree is one of the most charming Christmas decorations.  
It is considered one of the first artificial Christmas trees.  Made originally
in Germany from dyed goose feathers, it found its way to the USA, brought
over by German immigrants that settled in Pennsylvania and Texas.
Love this old feather tree with the tiny gate around it!
My feather tree is a vintage feather tree that Martha Stewart
 produced for her Kmart line.
I picked it up years after the fact on eBay.  
I would love to find an antique Feather Tree one day.

Speaking of immigrants, I have been tracking down my husbands side of his family roots.
Ever since we started binge watching the STARZ series, Outlander, which we LOVE,
we have become interested in finding out if hubs is indeed Scottish as well as Swedish.
The Outlander hero, Jamie Fraser, is from Scotland.
You will want to be Scottish if you watch this show, or you will want your 
partner to be, haha!! Jamie is the sweetest, bravest, sexiest Scot in all the land!
Mr. Maison Decor's father always told him he descended
from Scottish bloodlines, and his mother's lineage is pure Swedish.  
We decided to do the Ancestry DNA test as well as put together his family tree.
So far I am not finding any indication there is a Scottish connection.
 It remains to be seen, but I have enjoyed putting the pieces together to see where the family
lines are leading us on this discover of his roots. This family photo shows my husband (on the right)
next to his mother, and his older brother, both dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner. 
 Their uncle carves the turkey, and the table is set to the nines, complete with place cards.
The old documents are numerous and at ones finger tips when you join
one of these online search groups.  Much of it is free as well, until you head
across the country's borders, then there is a charge.  Above, William Chalmers is found on 
a record, and that is his great grandfather.  He always believed his great-grandfather 
shared the same name, Charles Herbert, that his grandfather and father, 
brother and nephew share, as the name has been passed down for generations. 
 So we are already learning things very quickly,
and we hope we find some Scottish roots on his dad's side!  
I know many of you have explored your family trees
and its quite interesting, isn't it? 
His mother's side is proving to be very pure Swedish, and
I guess you can tell by this old photo of (front to back) his mom,
his grandmother and uncle.  My pretty mother in law still lives
in that very same house, where my husband grew up, 
and its right next doors to our house. 
But now, back to Christmas....

The winner of the Lynch Creek Farm wreath giveaway is Penny Carlson!
Congrats Penny!!
 I know you will enjoy your beautiful Lynch Creek Farm wreath!

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