Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye to 2018

 Goodbye to the year 2018.  
It is the last day of the year and today, like many of you, 
I am reflecting upon the whirlwind of these passing 365 days.
 Reeve remains one of the biggest highlights!
She is my first granddaughter and 
I have waited a long time to be someone's grammy.  
This Santa photo was too precious not to share!
 A big highlight was traveling to Idaho and Wyoming 
with our family to celebrate my husband's 60th.
 It was a trip I will always treasure in my memory books.
We all adore Mr.Maison Decor and having all that time with him was awesome!
 Professionally, being included in the bestseller
 Nora Murphy's Country House Style was another big moment.  
 Our home is captured in the book by Nora's team.
  I was so honored and pleased with the results.
 Many beautiful photos of my home were taken.  
I have a forever keepsake of our time, spent living and fixing up this home, 
which Nora calls the "Country House in the City".
For the first year of Reeve's life after her mom went back to work, 
I watched her three days a week.  
We share a love of fun jewelry, shiny sparkly things, dogs, and hats.
 After that first year, I came to realize I was no superwoman, and needed to drop back to two days. 
Reeve now spends two days at her daycare center, and it has been a needed adjustment. 
I have met more than a few grandmothers who have shared their daycare journeys with me.  
We share the desire to help our children with their children and love that the bonds grow stronger
with our darling grands, even though it is difficult  "at our age".  We do our best, as it does take a village to raise children, I really believe.
 The middle of the year brought me into the world of miniatures 
when I found a dollhouse at a consignment shop. 
 It has brought a great source of creative pleasure working
 and decorating this French style dollhouse.
 My father and mother in law both celebrated their 89th birthdays this year, 
and my mom marked her 86th! 
All living independently and doing well, its a true blessing of life.
Our lake cabin was the site of another photo shoot  by Matthew Mead.
This time it was all dressed up for Christmas, and it looked 
so charming it almost made the cover of the Wagner Finish magazine.
But in the end, they picked something else, but I love the cover try it had.
So Scandinavian and fresh looking in white and red with greens.
 At the end of this year, the parties have ended, 
and the clean up of Christmas is now upon us all...
Wishing all my friends and family and beloved blog readers a joyous new year ahead!
I thank you all for following along, and indulging my tiny moments in miniature world in
addition to the things that I have normally shared.  
Peace to all!

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  1. Happy Wonderful Fun Sweet Healthy Blessed New Year to you and your family!!xx

  2. Happy New Year! Can’t wait for lake season as we have some big plans for the camp starting with a foundation. I think it will be a messy summer!

  3. Happy New Year, Amy! I too, could only handle a couple of days a week when I watched Leila. It wears you out!! There is a reason you have children when you are much younger.
    You're so lucky your parents are still independent and doing well.

  4. Thank you for sharing some of your Many 2018 Highlights with us!
    A Happy Family and Pride in your work, are usually at the core of what makes any year a truly Memorable one. :)


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