Monday, December 17, 2018

The Merriment of Christmas Crackers

Christmas is closing in quickly, and this year I am taking a bit
of a different strategy. Less about gifts and more about the 
fun that Christmas can bring when you get together with your family and friends.
For our family, we have always had such fun with the simplest of 
things, the Christmas Cracker.  I am stacking lots of the festive
crackers in my silver punch bowl so party goers can help themselves!
Inside the cracker is a paper party hat in the shape
of a crown along with a toy or a joke.  The laughs start
as soon as the crowns are donned, and in our family, our
heads tend to run large, so many times we have a split crown 
that needs a little tape to keep it together.  
It is one of my favorite things we do at Christmas.
If you have never tried them, you can find them in many colors
and patterns at HomeGoods or Marshalls.  
With two parties at our home this week, I have to run out and buy
some more today.  And get a few stocking stuffers.
Hope your holiday season is bright and happy and 
you find yourself without the dreaded flu or cold.  Its 
been running around here and I am keeping my fingers crossed
we will all be healthy for Christmas.
Baby Reeve will be coming and I can imagine us having to 
give her little paper crown a tuck so it fits.
Happy Christmas to all!

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  1. Crackers are so much fun and so many types. You can even get the snap parts online to make your own! It would be great to find a diamond ring in one!!😄

  2. Sounds wonderful and the crackers are so much fun. Reeve will definitely need tucking on her crown. Have fun with your parties.

    Merry Christmas


  3. I just bought more "crackers" today to place on my Christmas Morning Breakfast table....I am doing breakfast and my son is doing Christmas dinner :) .... Merry Christmas to you and your family Amy!!!


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