Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Maison Decor Mom Cave

I have been working on my living room a lot lately.
 Kate from Censational Girl and
 Susan from Between Naps on the Porch
 invited us to post on our mom caves,
 and I realize that is what this room is becoming! 
A mom cave!
One of the new additions to the room is the carved element
 I added yesterday above the mantel.
It may be getting a whitewash, 
but this oatmeal color is the way I found it.
I think it looks cool with my iron and crystal sconces.
Gee, I think I see a spot for a chandelier in my future!
I bought it at Home Goods for our NH house
 and it used to be above our bed.
But now we have sold the house, 
and it gives this room even more romantic character.
The other new things in here are the vintage hooked rugs.
Just adore the soft pastel floral patterns.
I have two different valances right now.
 I have yet to make a decision, so I just threw a tablecloth
 on one and a remnant over the other.
Want to know a decorator secret?
The rush bench, pillows and all my mirrors 
came from Home Goods too. 
I mix antiques and vintage finds
with treasures I spot at Home Goods to create an authentic
living space with character and comfort.
Really happy with my white slipcovered sofa.
I have a white table with layered mirrors against the staircase.
I've never seen this done, but what happened when
 I did that was it created more of a defined space in
 our living room instead of your eye heading past the staircase.
 Makes sense, doesn't it?
And its kind of quirky, so I like that.
Two carved mirrors with a pretty old lamp.
My sister gave me these tole bookends.
They are one of my favorite things!
Pastels accent the white and beige tones.
A toile dining chair came in the room this morning.
I like it!
Here is my mom cave favorite spot: my chair.
I have all my favorite mags in a rush basket
A cozy white fur throw.
A view to the outside...and
a fire at my feet if I press a button!

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  1. What a delightful space for a mom cave! I absolutely LOVE that architectural element you added to your fireplace! Gorgeous!! Gotta love Home Goods!! Wish I would bump into something like that there!! Your room is beautiful! :)

  2. Amy, your living room is gorgeous! I can't believe that piece fits so well above your mantel, it was made for that spot!

  3. WOW... beautiful! That piece on your mantel really says it all doesn't it? Sets the entire tone of the room!

    Totally inspired and in awe here...


  4. Beautiful Mom Cave Amy! Love all that you are doing. I love that French Country has so many different styles...

  5. You have done such an exceptional job with your living room, Amy. The piece above your mantel is just beautiful and perfect for the style of your room. I really like the vignette you have created on the table by the stairs...the mirrors, lamp and books add so much character! And you know I adore your slip covered couch and chair. Wish I could be curled up under that fur throw today, but I am polishing silver...I should be done by the holidays! Ugh!


  6. The piece you have added above the mantle is special and unique. You seem to have hit the perfect spot. I can't believe you found it at HG. You lucky girl!

  7. It is the perfect touch to an already perfect room. Just lovely!

  8. Such a bright and yet cozy room. I know you enjoy sitting in such a pretty space. Love those tole bookends, too.

  9. Just so extraordinary! What a beautiful space! I am so taken with your rugs and your slipcovers. This place looks like a fairytale!

  10. So lovely! I love the carving above the fp. I see a great place for a chandelier too! The colors are so pretty and light. Well done!

  11. The carved element above your fireplace looks like it was custom built... magnificent. How much do I love the corner niche to the left of the fireplace where you have your chair, white fur throw and gorgeous pillows?! You have created a beautifully sophisticated room that is still comfortable.


    P.S. I am betting you will end up finding a most perfect chandelier for the room.

  12. What a beautiful mom cave. I love the carved element you have above your fireplace. I wish we had a Home Goods store close by...I love that place too.

  13. What a gorgeous piece above your mantle! I bet you really enjoy that:)

  14. Your Mom cave is a lovely place to sit and relax especially in your comfy chaise by the fireplace.
    I love the carved element over your mantel.

    Take care,

  15. I love your "cave." I guess mine is my garden room. You decorate so beautifully. I love the table up against the staircase. It does define the area perfectly!

  16. Amy, What an absolutely gorgeous room! The carved piece on your mantel is fabulous. Love the white sofa and the layering of mirrors. Beautiful.
    xo, Sherry

  17. Gorgeous, Amy! I'm loving your white sofa too. That carved piece looks like it was custom built to go above your mantel. I like it as is but a white wash would also look nice. Adore the rug beneath the coffee table. Oh how I wish my fireplace lit at the touch of a button. We've lived here for 5 years and have never used either fireplace. I did buy a gas insert...two years ago. Anyhow, I haven't had much time to blog hop this week but was thinking of you. Just wanted to pop in and say hello!


  18. I love the mantle pieces! Really lovely - and the layered mirrors are FAB!!! Go you!

  19. I love your new mantle piece, it's gorgeous! I like your layered mirrors in your entry way too! Very pretty and chic!

  20. Oh Amy, this gets more beautiful each time I see your living room featured. The piece over your mantle is out of this world breathtaking! And, before I began reading the post the bookends (your sis gave you) caught my eye immediately and I had to hone in on those to check them out. Definitely can see why they are one of your favorite things.

    I got your order...thank you so much. I will send you an email...which I've been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now. I've thought about you almost every day...just had so much going on.

    Back to this post...this is all magazine worthy. You're so talented!


  21. Oh...also forgot to say how much I love the little niche, so to speak, that you created under/next to the staircase. Overall that is my favorite spot in the room. It looks so cozy, inviting and romantic. I think the idea of hanging the drape/lace is brilliant and totally agree with your reasoning that it creates a spot of its own and really focuses the eye there rather than past the staircase. Love the layered mirrors too. The entire vignette is so beautifully executed and arranged.


  22. Everything about this is so beautiful!!! I adore your style
    I am your newest official follower!!!

    Thanks for visiting -- hope you'll come back soon (and maybe even follow me too one day!)


  23. It won't let me add it again because it says I am already a follower -- maybe there was a delay for you to see it? Hope it is working now, let me know

  24. Hey Amy, I love the changes and love your blog! I enjoy it over coffee every day off! I was thinking that the mirror over the mantel reflects an average ceiling fixture. I would love to see a chandy there! That would make a great reflection! So how is Mr. Maison Decor liking all the girlie stuff? No wonder why he bought the motorcycle!

  25. Your mom cave already looks perfect. I love the way that you layer textures and shades of white.


  26. Amy my dear, I'm in love with your decorating style. You have such a way with things. Love, love, love.


  27. Oh I just love all this and your decorating style, its fantastic!

  28. oh I could see a lovely afternoon tea in your room!!

  29. My favorite is the mantle, but I am in awe at the whole space! I love your style!

  30. Oh Amy, I don't know where to start! I adore your architectural element and MUST start looking for one. It looks similar to the gilted one over Brooke (from V&L) has over her bed and I just love it and have had my eye open for one. I recently bought two corbels to put on a beam (had to make that) so as to "separate" the living room from the dining room. I also bought two corbels to make a desk out of (à la Restoration Hardware) but haven't started that project yet. Your whole staircase corner is gorgeous, too. I think the lace partially blocking the staircase softens it and makes it uniquely YOURS. Love your cave!


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