Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Painting fabric on chairs and random stuff

It just seems strange to paint fabric I admit~
but I have been thrilled with the results every time I try it.
 Here is the before and after of a french chair. Side by side this pair used to be the same. First thing I did was to paint the entire thing in a coat of Old White Chalk Paint®.  Then I did one more after it dried.
The upholstery was a quilted style heavy fabric in gold.
It really take more paint to cover fabric than it does wood.
You can water down the paint a bit, but not a lot.
After it dries sand it lightly with 500 grit paper so it feels 
soft and smooth.  Yes, it sands nicely and feels so soft!
Next step:  I waxed it with a mix I made out of Annies soft wax 
and mineral spirits.
Just making the wax a little easier to spread over the fabric
 I added about 1 part mineral spirits to two parts wax in a plastic cup. 
 It has the consistency of soft butter.
 This photo was after I used it...but this is how I applied the 
softened wax over the seat. Just like you would wax a dresser,
 rub it in and around and spread it nice and evenly. I did not
 have to remove any excess as I applied it carefully without globbing it!!!
After waxing it feels kind of like a soft leather! 
Its quite amazing...a little dark wax to the chair frame 
and this chair has a whole new look!
Pretty french chair in Old White!
 This is the cabinet I made for a shop display for the 
Pearl Plaster and all that other good stuff~
 Finishing up this mammoth brass chandelier~I keep working on
 it and working on it...it might never be done! Just kidding Melissa!
 This pretty vanity will be the next piece to get the 
Maison Decor treatment~what color do you think it should be?
 A faded blue mora clock heads out to her new home~
 on the heels of this cream colored mora!
I think the easter egg colors look so pretty on these clocks.
A student from Sunday's class fell in love with my Silvery Grey Sideboard.
She came in my shop today and bought it!
Its so exciting for me to see one of my creations go home with someone.
On another note~this sideboard was painted by one of my 
students, Eugenia! I think she did a fantastic job on it. I think she said
it was Olive, but it kind of looks like Chateau Grey....
Whatever it came out really cool.
Thats it from my little corner of the world~
hope you are getting a chance to flex your creative muscles~
'cause it feels sooooo good!


  1. Thank you Amy. The real helper here for me was the tip about thinning the wax. I'm assuming that Mineral Spirits are what we term White Spirit over here in Blighty. I have painted fabric with Annie's wonderful paint but it has always been velour rather than upholstery fabric. So thank you again. I always enjoy your blog and wish I had a store just like yours. Fiona x

  2. I love that painted chair! All your colors are looking so pretty and pastel--love it, makes me yearn for spring. The flowers in the window really set the mood for the store--so pretty!

  3. Love those furniture pieces you painted! The grey one that sold and the other grey one that you used with your newest product really caught my eye. Love the light blue Mora style wall clock that you sold too. That is the prettiest shade of blue.

  4. Great post Amy!! All these pieces look fabulous! I LOVE the gray cabinet your using in your shop, gorgeous!

  5. How long do you have to wait before you can sit on the chair? will the wax melt onto clothes?

  6. That chair looks so great painted. I wish I could paint my big velvet art deco chair but I don't think it would work to paint velvet. I'm busy flexing my creative muscles here too. Love that little cabinet you painted...as for the new piece of furniture...it looks like it should be grey but I know you've painted a lot of things grey lately....still that it what it says to me.

  7. Love the painted chair...such a neat look! You are sooo good and love how your imagination is always in overdrive...nice job Amy!

  8. The painted chair looks marvelous.

  9. What a beautiful transformation on that French chair Amy! I need to try this!

  10. I love the painted fabric...love that it's so unusual, so unexpected...yet works!

  11. I'm going to have to try painting a chair seat soon. I hate reupholstering (even though it's not that hard). Love this!!

  12. Thanks Amy.. I love that chair and you teaching us the best way to make that happen. Learned alot and love it all ..>WANT me a MORA clock ..OMGOODNESS beautiful .........Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

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  14. That chair is beautiful! Your whole shop looks fabulous....so many gorgeous pieces. You really do beautiful work Amy. I hope to visit in person one day.

  15. I have yet to try painting fabric but i am going to next time i find a piece that needs recovering and thanks for sharing the mineral tip!
    Everything looks beautiful and i love the Easter colours so,so pretty and easy on the eye.
    I painted a huge brass chandy for a client similar to yours in Paris Grey,Old White And your gold gilt wax and i forgot to get an after picture can you believe that? I wanted to blog it,It looked so amazing after,I love yours and the silver is stunning! x

  16. Amy....have you ever painted a leather chair? I thought the paint might crack, but if it doesn't on fabric...humm...you have me thinking.

  17. Yes Christine I painted a faux leather chair and the story is on my blog sidebar~check it out!

  18. As awesome as the chair is, I'm really interested in the process of painting the brass chandelier you're tackling! If possible, and when you've won the battle (Which we all know you will!), could you please post the complete process of painting the brass chandelier? Thanks so very much.....I've learned soooo much from your websites/posts!!! :)

  19. Wow Amy, it blows my mind that you can paint those chair cushions like that. I have a couple of chairs i might try it with, they have ugly blue fabric on them... it would be so cool if i could paint them! I love the sideboard your student did... it has an amazing look, and the color is fabulous! I can totally see it with some soft pink flowers on it.


  20. I think I need to experiment with the paint on a piece of fabric...I have always loved how you painted the fabric seats of chairs....and the buffet of your student is fantastic...she did a great job!

  21. Hi Amy how have you been? I am back into my blog and business again after some time off. Enjoying seeing all the progress you've made! Wow, not just one shop but TWO? You're doing great and I'm so happy for you! Anyway nice to see you again, stop by my blog for a visit or drop me a line anytime! Michelle / newengland-style.com

  22. Thanks for that interesting tutorial! I haven't tried this yet but it is a nice option when the fabric is just fine....but the wrong color. I may try my own dining room chairs before I try on something to sell. They really need it and I won't have a customer coming back to haunt me!! Good tip about the wax mixture.....adding it to my agenda of "things to do"...!

  23. ME encantan las sillas,quedaron muy bien.

  24. I never thought of using wax on a fabric chair after painting it. That's brilliant!!! I'm going to give it a try!

  25. I love the painted fabric. I'm going to have to try painting a chair seat :)

  26. I'm confused. I assumed the wax was applied to the woodtrim of the chair, but then read other viewers comments. Did you wax ONLY the wood trim on the chair, or the wood trim AND fabric portion of the chair?


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