Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pretty toile in fun colorways

Lovely toile~
I love it all the more when it is in unexpected colorways
like this pink and grey. This is  toile wallpaper in Lorrie's kitchen. 
She came in the shop today and walked out with
 a darling cabinet I painted.  Its Paris Grey 
on the outside and on the inside it had Antoinette Pink and the doors were
decoupaged with Annie Sloan's Charocoal Pastoral Toile.
She told me she had just wallpapered her kitchen with pink toile.
I imagined it to be pink and white, but when she sent me this photo
I fell in love with the color combo. That moody grey looks so great against
the pink~don't you think?  So when Lori fell for this cabinet I wasn't 
surprised as it seemed a perfect match.
When I first painted this sweet cabinet I did it in pink and black on the exterior~
I used silver instead of gold for highlights on the hardware and details.
Seems like Lorrie and I had Pink and Grey fever at the same time...
I had originally painted the cabinet like this in pink and black.
But the cabinet sat in the shop a little too long and no one took her home.
Today when Lorrie popped in she said it felt like been forever since she had
last been in~and maybe she never got to saw the little bar cabinet in pink.
So now its in Paris Grey with plenty of dark wax but kept its pink interior 
with toile doors.  So I wondered to myself if she would have bought it in its
original state.  But I digress....the topic is lovely toile in cool colors~! 
See her paper on the backsplash? doesn't it just bring a charm to this 
kitchen space like nothing else?  Its feminine charm is undeniable.
See that cute chandy? 
Lorrie bought it from our shop~she also bought my
gigantic white chandelier I used to have over my dining room table that I switched 
out for my blue opaline chandy.  The great thing about having a shop is you can 
do stuff like that...put your things in your store when you get something else!
Anyway, I love how the pink with the charcoal grey works with the black granite 
counter tops.  Lorrie hung an old silver tray on the wall too...someday I will 
get over to her antique house and hopefully I can post on that visit.
This toile is also in an unexpected color combination of dusky lilac and brown.
You don't see brown too often in toile, and that goes the same for lilac...but 
when you do see lilac, it is often with white.  So the brown makes for a more 
interesting toile.  Much like the pastel pink with the charcoal grey, this pastel lilac
gets a nice grounding withe cocoa brown.  
This fabric is Annie Sloan's Normandie Toile.
Pink and Green toile draperies~this was from my home office blogging days.
 I liked the pink toile as it was on a lime green and white striped background.
I sold these curtains in my Etsy shop when I redecorated.
An aqua blue and brown toile is the fabric I used to 
make my sister Susan's custom draperies.
This is such a pretty color combination! I specialized in 
custom window treatments a million years ago
and I flew from Boston to Kansas City MO to install the treatments for Susan.
On a trip to Brimfield with my GF Sue Mickey I was 
on the hunt for purple transferware~
and look what I found! It was a remnant of purple toile~this would 
come home with me and I would
make a cute kitchen valance to go with my transferware collection. 
 I loved that it had dogs and roses
and horses and little cameos~really a fun vintage toile!
My love affair with toile in unexpected colors~
it continues to this day.



  1. Love it Amy. I have the green garden toile in my guest room and its just dreamy1 The lilac and brown is quite stunning too and that chest...absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love that pink and gray toile! What a romantic kitchen she has. I'd love to see more of her home. I love unusual toiles too...whether its the color combo or the theme. Like I've seen a circus toile that I think is pretty fabulous.

  3. I love toile, it's so pretty! I would love to do a room in my house with Annie Sloan's toile and Paloma, I love that combo!


  4. I love toile, too, Amy! Some colorways more than others, but it's like transferware ~ my eyes find it and I'm all over it! I love the pink and grey, as well as the pink and brown. The purple piece you found was perfect for your kitchen. I remember your showing us the purple transferware you had gotten.

  5. I've always loved toile in unexpected colors. You've worked with some beautiful ones.

  6. I share your passion for toile Amy.
    There is just something so timeless about it. Love the pink.


  7. I love toile as well. I am now starting to become obsessed with it as I change my house from a coastal decor to a french inspired decor. Love the toile!!!

  8. I love toile too! Really love that wallpaper your customer has. Love that chandelier in her kitchen. How fun for you to get to see things you sell in their new home!

  9. Love the toile . The color combination is spot on .. Loved it very much . Have a blessed weekend Amy... Love, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  10. Beautiful color combinations. So feminine.

  11. So pretty. I'll always love toile.


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