Monday, March 18, 2013

Paint Inspiration: Secretary Desks

Looking for some unique painted secretary desks to 
inspire your next project of the XL size?
Just in time for Easter and Spring~
Crackled doors in cream, a pink and black harlequin
pattern on the lower doors, rubbed white legs and pediment
with touches of gilding~and don't forget the rabbit head!
This might be easier to pull off~
looks like a custom mix of Provence, Florence and
 Pure WhiteChalk Paint® finished with clear
 and dark wax.  I love the look of this fresh color 
on a traditional piece, don't you?
For those that have artist skill a takeoff
on a Gramercy wallpaper motif gets translated
onto a faded out aqua background.  I would consider
doing a hand painted vine and then adding flowers and birds
using Transfer Gel by Artisan Enhancements or decoupage.

Lately I have fallen in love with the look of 
this antique green.  We used Olive Chalk Paint®
to achieve a very similar color and finished it with Gilder Paste
 in African Bronze, which has a greenish gold cast.
After my trip to Colorado for an artist retreat
I played with the Venetian inspired painted 
finishes using lots of color and metallic.
If I were to capture these colors I would start with 
Cream and Versailles and tweak them to make them a 
little bit stronger.  Old Ochre as the base, clear and dark wax
with Gilding Wax or Gilders Paste to finish it off. 
I am working on a massive armoire and am always
in search of inspiration in the paint department!
So far I have finished two coats of French Linen,
but that is only the beginning. Hopefully I get a chance 
to work on this piece during the week and 
I will be back with updates on how it is taking shape.

Sources: These images are from my Pinterest page~

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