Monday, March 25, 2013

"You look like Diane Keaton!" Really?

Dianes photo source
 Let me say first of all, that I love Diane Keaton~!  
I have thought many times that I hope I age as cool as she has~
she's got style and wit and panache and exudes 
confidence in the way she lives her life.
Yesterday after my Advanced Workshop finished up hubby and I went out
for dinner to one of our regular haunts. 
 Its a steakhouse that we have come to 
feel very comfortable at~but we have noticed all the regulars working
 there seem to have left and been replaced by new people. 
 We like to eat at the bar, and this night was like any other...
except the 30 something bartender was either brand new at her job 
or she just wasn't that good at it.
But we skipped past most of her faux pas....
until in mid bite of my steak she came 
up to me and just out of the blue said, 
"Do you know who you look like??!"
I used to be told I looked like Heather Locklear or Vanna White, 
but that hasn't happened to me in the last couple of years I confess. 
 At any rate, I waited for her to tell me 
I looked like Vanna or Heather but instead she gushes, 
" You look like Diane Keaton!!! 
Do you know who she is??"
My brain kind of stutter stepped...
I am thinking, you mean Diane Keaton who is a lot older than me??
I had a hard time thinking I looked like her, even though
 I think she is cool~but I am thinking, do I look that OLD??? 
 So I just smiled and said , Oh thanks, yeah she is great!" 
But inside I was a bit freaked out! Really? Do I look like Diane Keaton? 
 She is 13 years older than I am!!  
And I was kind of feeling pretty sitting there 
next to my hubby~wow. How to deflate a girls ego...gaaaahhhhh!
As we finished up dinner the bartender came over to clear our plates. 
Hubby always orders surf and turf, eats the surf and takes the 
turf home for his lunch the next day.  On his plate sat his sirloin steak, 
and as she grabbed the plates and was asking us if we wanted 
desert she flung his steak into the trash right under the bar in front of hubby's eyes! 
Now it was his turn to be horrified!!! As soon as she did it, 
she saw his expression, and said , "Tell me you didn't want that steak....?" 
 "Yes I did" hubs replied~she said just wait for fifteen minutes 
and I will get the kitchen to cook a new one for you...
well we were ready to split the scene. She apologized and said 
"I just wasn't thinking", to which I responded, "No, you weren't" 
 and I wanted to add something about the Diane remark 
but clearly she thought I would be thrilled to think I was 
13 years older than I actually am. We ended up with a
 credit on our bill and a memorable if unpleasant trip to 
our now former favorite steak house. 
 How to remedy a situation like that~
we drove up to hubby's favorite place for an ice cream sundae!!!
 Putnam Pantry~the place where they make home made
candies and ice cream! It's been in Massachusetts forever!
 The movie stars of yesteryear used to come to Putnam Pantry.
Some photos dot the walls of this old fashioned and old building,
like this one of Helen Hayes eating a sundae.
 Our photo is not on the wall, but here we are in line to order two regular sundaes!
 Its a sundae bar, you can see our silver bowls with vanilla icecream and the help yourself buffet. Marshmallow, penuche, strawberries, hot fudge, walnuts, homemade whipped cream, etc....can you say stuffed fat pig? That is what you will feel like after you eat your big fat sundae.
The ice cream table and chairs are so cute! 
We got a fireside table with a hokey portrait of Colonel Putnam
 watching over us.  Mr. Maison Decor jumped into the photo 
carrying the mini cups of water required to wash one's sundae down.  
He is being goofy because he knew I was going to blog this event 
(the Diane Keaton identity crisis).
 I ain't no Diane Keaton...
and I know I am no Heather Locklear anymore either...
(but neither is she probably)
Maybe a big sundae will make me feel better.
Yum. I felt better. Fat, but better.
I guess this departure of a blog is just to say its tough getting older, isn't it?
Honestly, on a day you are feeling pretty good about yourself you 
get an assessment test by your ill witted bartender. 
I hope to grow old gracefully and stay reasonably put together,
for me and my husbands sake.  Clearly Diane is doing a good job!! 
She looks like me!!! You rock Diane!
I hope I look as young as you in 13 years!!
On the horizon my plans include taking the first week of April off to head to
 New Orleans for our annual Annie Sloan stockist meeting!!
 I will be headed south with Justin where we will spend 5 days
 hanging out with Annie and company~attending seminars 
and cocktail parties and meeting fellow stockists.
 Malden Maison Decor store will be closed April 1-8,
 Boston will be open its regular Friday-Sunday on  April 5,6,7.



  1. Clearly not a seasoned wait person. We've noticed this as a trend. Businesses need to train their staff in the art of keeping their thoughts to themselves. Maybe she had just watched Annie Hall and was comparing you to a much younger Diane!!! You look great, Amy, and enjoying a sundae sometimes is just what we need!!

  2. Yummy ice-cream!! You are prettier than Diene Keaton, Amy..and of course, younger. When I was younger people used to say I looked like Sally Field and still do, some say..and she is also older tham me, lol.. Have a good week.

  3. Lol, what a dim witted waitress! I don't see Diane Keaton at all, but I do see Heather Locklear! And all the men swoon over Heather Locklear, so it's all good.

    My best friend emailed me pictures of us at 21 years old last night and I decided that youth is definitely waisted on the young. I never appreciated how thin and pretty I was back then! But you know what? I wouldn't trade these years and these wrinkles for the world, they are my badge of honour and wisdom.

    Have a great week, Amy!


  4. too funny...........all i was thinking when I read that title was 'jeeze, i don't think amy looks like diane keaton at all'.

    both beautiful women,but you are not separated at birth.

    ice cream........that was definitely the way to make things better. ugh.

  5. The photo of you and your hubby is absolutely wonderful and you look great!!! I once went to a new hairdresser and was commenting on how my usually-wavy/curly hair seemed to be less which my twenty-something beautician responded, "Hormones can have an effect on that as women age." wow. Needless to say, I never went back!

  6. Uh oh just read Vicki's comment above...When i was a trainee hairdresser me and another girl were shampooing two ladies in the shampoo room and when the other trainee had finished and had taken her client through she bounced back in the room and said 'wow did you see how fat my lady was?' i was horrified and nearly died when my client sat up and shouted 'THAT IS MY SISTER!!!' the trainee was sacked,Some people say really dumb things Amy don't take her words on board,Glad you enjoyed your ice cream and love the photos of you and Dave your like T.J.Hooker ;) xxx

  7. After being told I looked like Kathy Griffin, amended with the phrase, " after all her surgery" (!!!!!!!!!!), I decided to never tell anyone who they looked like.
    Even if it's meant as a huge compliment.
    Even if they really ARE that person.
    It's a slippery slope and best to be avoided.
    ps...You rock and so does Diane. Both knockouts!

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  9. I don't see the Diane Keaton resemblance at all, even in her younger years. Your experience at the steak house sounded awful, but how nice to finish the evening with a big, fat Sundae. Great pictures of you and your handsome hubby!

  10. I don't see Diane Keaton at all, although I do love her and agree she looks great. She probably saw her in one of her older movies but even so, I don't see it. I'm not just trying to make you feel better in saying this but I definitely can see the Heather Locklear comparison.

    I've been compared to so many people over the years, I've lost count. Some I've seen a small resemblance, others not...the worst was when my ex-husband said I looked like Sigourney Weaver...aggghhhhh!!!

  11. haha! I love these stories you guys are telling me! Oh man, it feels good to know I am not alone on this one...

  12. Okay I am sorry I am laughing Amy.You don't look anything like Dian Keaton.She is beautiful and SO ARE YOU! BUT I don't think you look like her.I have been told many years ago which is sad really that I look like Bette midler.......when I was in high school.She is a bit older than I am and I did not get that.Also was told many years ago I looked like Sara Jessica parker well at least were closer in age.But even many years ago I never thought I looked like her either.I was told I look like "Peggy Kusinski" a local Chicago sports reporter and I would say that is pretty darn close to a yes!

  13. Awwwwwww...I'm sure she didn't mean the Diane Keaton comment the way you took it...but...on the other hand, the steak going into the garbage, WOW!!

    When I was in my 20's-30's, I had so many tell me I looked like and reminded them of Joanne Worley from Laugh In! She was alot older than me...but I thought - she's cute, spunky, quick witted and very FUNNY and so was I!! No offense taken, even in my 20's. LOL!!

    Jan ♥

  14. Ok now wait a minute....she may be older, but man, this 47 year old was darned envious of how she looked in Something's Gotta Give....including that one brief....well...somewhat nude scene!

    Instead of thinking age, think wisdom, grace and charisma...think of the sparkle that Diane Keaton has when she smiles!

    And if you happen to meet up with Diane, please ask where she got the amazing white cardigan she wore in the beach scene with Jack. I have been coveting it and most of her simple yet amazing wardrobe from the movie.

    And still got it baby!

    You and the hubs are adorable...sorry about the steak...:)

  15. You are a beautiful woman! I absolutely see the Heather Locklear but the Keaton? Notsomuch! She is a beautiful woman, though.
    People ALWAYS tell me I look like this person or that person. Let's see...Brooke Shields,Ava Gardner, Sally Fields, Latoya Jackson, Janet Jackson, MICHAEL Jackson (!), Vanessa Williams, Shannyn Sossamon, Angelina Jolie and the list goes on! The thing is, I look like NONE of these people! Well, MAYBE Michael Jackson...from the side. LOL!
    Whenever someone says "Do you know who you look
    like?" I always clench my jaw and brace myself! LOL!
    As a makeup artist I absolutely LOVED the books by the late Kevin Aucoin...he could make anybody look like ANYBODY! No kidding! Have you seen his work?
    Girl...if I looked like you I would NEVER complain! You are not only stunning but you are brilliant and talented and kind! I would HATE you if I didn't love you so much!



  16. Such a funny post Amy!! Well now you have done it----you are now a FAT look-a-like to Diane AND Heather. ha ha. Be flattered either way, you are beautiful! And your hubby is no slouch either :-) Thanks for a great post that made me smile and smile over and over.

  17. Well, first Diane Keaton has great style and she just gets better and better. The photo you chose of her is not flattering at all. Second, you don't look like her at all. I can see Heather Locklear...although these days she's all puffy from botox. I'm trying very hard to embrace getting older. When I am working I always get compliments on how pretty my hair is or how pretty my skin is but then I realized its always from 80 year old ladies! I don't think it's good if 80 year old ladies think you look good. First...they can't see well...and probably means you need and update.

    Be happy you have a price charming to be out with. I am so sick right would not believe it. I am headed back to the sofa right now.

  18. Hi, Amy! It's been a long time since I've been by. Well, I've been by but don't always have the time to comment. I'm so happy about how your business has expanded, you've worked so hard and it's been a success! Good for you!

    Now, I definitely see Heather Locklear, your blue eyes and smile. Actually I just read that Diane Keaton is 70 (Am I wrong?) and she looks darn good for her age. But you know they airbrush those make up ads big time. Still, she's very pretty and I would be flattered to look like her. I think our generation just looks younger because we refuse to conform to what society perceives middle aged women to look and act like. I will never wear polyester pants, no make up and a pixie cut or perm!! And you, my friend, are a true trail blazer!


  19. I can't imagine what made her think you looked like Diane Keaton- you look nothing alike. I'll bet she won't be working there next time you go, if there is a next time. I get told all the time that I look like Susan Sarandon, and yep, she's at least 10 years older. I wouldn't mind if they qualified it with "Younger" Susan! :P

  20. First of all,take it as a compliment - Diane Keaton is the personification of classy and chic and definitely does not look like she's 70!
    Secondly, I recently read some advice by a famous French make-up guru, that one of the secrets of looking younger is to gain a couple of pounds every 4 to 5 years after the age if 50, to plump up facial línes and sagging facial muscles. He wrote that the worst thing women can do after they turn 50 is to lose weight! So enjoy your ice cream sundaes - you're on the right track!

  21. Oh my gosh! Putnam Pantry! I had many a birthday there growing up. Makes me long for home! And you look fabulous! Don't take it too literally. Last night I was watching tv and saw a woman who reminded me very much of a colleague. Now mind you, the woman on tv was quite bedraggled and not attractive, and my colleague is very pretty. The thing is, there was very much a resemblance even though one was very attractive and the other not so much. I was thinking, I could never dare tell her the woman looked like her, knowing she would be insulted even though I think she is pretty.

    Enjoy NOLA! Great city. Best, Beth C.

  22. Diane Keaton? Nope. Definitely Heather Locklear though. Too bad you didn't post the name of that steakhouse- do NOT want to waste my time and money going there! Growing up in Danvers, Putnam Pantry was one of our favorite birthday party places- can't believe it's still there! Have a great time in the Big Easy : )

  23. Two separate women, both gorgeous, both witty. Absolutely loved reading this post. Have a fantastic week.

  24. It is funny to hear what other people think we look like. Sometimes, it's not at all who we had in mind. I wouldn't take it to heart. That waitress wasn't too smart by the mere fact that she threw out your husbands steak before asking if he was done. They should ALWAYS ask first! Hope you didn't tip her well. LOL!

  25. well people tell me I look like Tammy Faye Baker Im 57 and stopped wearing mascara and I really need it but just can't bring myself to wear it but I think the girl meant Annie Hall-Diane Keaton not today diane keaton I think your beautiful so does your family and really thats all that matters

  26. I don't think you look like Diane Keaton at all. You look like a California girl to me. Cool and blonde and cute as can be. We all have those days where we think, "hey i look pretty good!" or "i look like I'm 110 years old"! Getting older is a total reality check... phew!


  27. Hey Amy,
    That last comment was me, i was signed into my friends blog...


  28. Oh my. Someone needs some training! And you don't look old at all!

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Uhhhh have you seen Diane's latest commercials? She seems to have aged considerably from the previous makeup? ads.
    Just chalk it up to a nit wit trying to make nice conversation.
    Your husband is a lucky fella, especially to have a wife that won't talk him out of an ice cream sundae.


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