Thursday, April 25, 2013

French Antique Hunt, Instagram, Moras and more~

 I promised you I would take you to the most eye popping 
French antique shop in the French Quarter in New Orleans.
Justin and I were at the Annie Sloan annual meeting and we struck up 
friendships with the handful of European stockists who were there as well.
This, our last day, we were free to roam around the city and so we set off 
with our Euro pals to the French Quarter.  Vicki, from Switzerland is running into the shop 
right past Justin and Sherri from Poland who beat me inside the door as I was fumbling for my camera.
 They all ducked behind massive armoires so I could get a 
nice shot of the glittering mass of chandeliers, mirrors and gilt laden furnishings.
 I swear this must have belonged to Marie Antoinette in her better days~! 
She loved pink and gold.
Sherri beckoned us all to come around the back end of the shop as she 
had discovered a piece that looked very much like one done in Chalk Paint.
Much of the furniture had wax finishes~you could feel the softness of it when 
you rubbed your hand across the wood.  
Wax finishes are lovely, polyurethane not.
 Have you ever seen as many antique french sconces in your life? 
Vicki was looking at the price tags and had to take her glasses off and rub her eyes!
 Personally a huge fan of grand mirrors and chandeliers
 in almost setting~this place had no shortage.
 I forced persuaded Justin to pose with me and Claire, our friend from France.
 This clock was fabulously wavy and country and grand all in one.
 Trumeau mirror are my absolute weakness~I see Janyce from the UK in the mirror.
This was the proud owner of the shop, Marc. 
His great grandfather had a shop in Paris and it eventually came to New Orleans.
A multi-generational business that continues to this day.
Claire and Vicki wanted to grab a shot of him and I of them.
If you are in the French Quarter here is their address~
Plenty of beautiful shops line Royal Street mixed with hotels and lots of tourists.
 After shopping we headed by many little lunch places
 and finally ducked inside one, but not before a bit more window shopping.
Fabulous lantern~!
 Oyster plates and chandeliers...all of which cost a small fortune.
  A street band serenaded walkers~

 The beautiful colors of New Orleans were everywhere keeping the mood festive and bright.
 Finally~we arrived at Sobou, a wonderful little restaurant, ready for some refreshment~ 
 Vicki and Janyce took shots paparazzi style of the most bizarre appetizer I had ever seen.  
Leave it to Justin to order it!
Justin loves to eat all kinds of different things~this was the strangest!
Tuna tartare topped with wasabi. 
 It looked like pistachio ice cream in a miniature form.
Lunch time was over and we needed to catch our plane back to Boston.
Goodbye friends and New Orleans~
no sooner was I home then I was at an auction buying chandeliers...
do you think there was a direct effect??
 I would say so...that shop was so amazing with the
 antique lighting I just had to find a few for my shop.
 And then the electrician came and installed it for me!
 A big Aubusson carpet came home from auction as well....
Next week I plan to paint this pretty desk and you better 
believe it will involve some kind of gilding.
 Sales last week included this pair of painted french chairs in Chalk Paint.
The French Day Bed went home with a cool woman who 
plans to have her own special room and this will be the centerpiece.
A handsome bow front chest sold yesterday and 
the buyer is having us paint it in Greek Blue.
I will share the result when its all finished~
Selling our custom mora floors clocks too...
As well as our custom mora wall clocks.
We just added some new items to our online store too~
A rouge striped french tote~
 several styles of cage pendant lights~
a wooden model hand~
We will be adding more as we gear up for a bigger online presence.
And if you are on Instagram there is a thing called Throwback Thursday
 where people post older photos of themselves. 
Follow me there for more off the cuff photos from home and shop life 
@amymaisondecor is my user name
 I posted this pic today~me and my boys ten years ago in Jackson Hole 
on a wonderful trip to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.
Look at Colin! He is so young~and was earing a sheriff badge. Awww!!
 Oh what fun we had! I was dating Mr. Maison Decor
 at the time~how much has changed for me in the last decade....
its really incredible where life can take you if you let it.



  1. What a wonderful trip you had. That shop with all of the chandeliers is awesome!! That's a beautiful town to visit.


  2. Hi Any! You nust have felt like you had died and gone to crystal heaven! I can only imagine what the prices must have been like. Did you feel like going home and doubling your prices?;>)

    Love the 10 yr old pic of you and your boys. You are as pretty now as you were then. xo Diana

  3. What an amazing post! Oyster plates!?? Wow, they are so unique and pretty... and that shop, ohhh myyy gosssh... some of the furniture looked like stuff you have painted too, and the chandys and sconces are incredible. I love the one you picked out at the auction... So funny seeing the boys looking so young... phew... where does the time go...


  4. Amy look at your surrounded by "your men"...beautiful pic! And Justin was quite the ladies man in New Orleans! Dying over these pictures, makes me want to hop on a plane pronto!! So beautiful!
    Isn't it just such a great city, BEST food, love the warmth and energy of the city....I felt like I was looking at pictures of Paris....just gorgeous

  5. Oh Amy! Incredible blog!!! Really sums up NOLA and its wonderful to see your life back in Boston. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon! Big hugs xx Vikki from Switzerland

  6. Oh Amy! Incredible blog!!! Really sums up NOLA and its wonderful to see your life back in Boston. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon! Big hugs xx Vikki from Switzerland

  7. ahhhh, i am ready to head to n'orleans right now! fabulous images, amy. and the shop is full of so much lovely--gotta check out your online stock.



  8. I don't think I have ever seen so many gorgeous chandeliers in one place! I always enjoy your posts--what fun it looks like you are having! :)

  9. Oh that Aubusson! That chandelier! But mostly...I have been thinking about you since the Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent violent manhunt for the suspects hoping you would find peace...



  10. Oh Amy, great trip fab buys and just look at you and your boys!! I love your attitude and am so proud of your accomplishments!

    PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
    Art by Karena

  11. Oh...I'd love to peruse those shops in New Orleans. I bet everything was too expensive to purchase...I know the last time I was there...I couldn't even think about buying anything in those shops. But how great that you came home and found wonderful chandeliers at auction. They are really show stoppers. Loved seeing the older photo of you and the boys.

    That appetizer looked great! I would have wanted to try it.

  12. You haven't aged a bit in ten years! How do you do it?

    This post made me swoooon with all its gorgeousness!! So many beautiful things! Very inspiring.

    Have a wonderful week-end, Amy!


  13. Is that my blue mora clock I spy? I can't wait to see it in person! Best, Beth C.


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